VIP Coaching for Overwhelmed and Stressed Women in Business to

Rediscover Their Clarity and Confidence with

Super, Simple Feel Good  Steps

Leave behind the constant overwhelm and stress you wake to every morning, let go of the racing heart and busy, full head.

IMAGINE waking up excited for the day, with a clear head and a happy heart not being your own worst enemy.

IMAGINE feeling less worried and loving quality time with your family, relaxed, fun and 100% switched off.

IMAGINE having that passion for your career, excited to go to work and lead your team relaxed and inspired.

IMAGINE being able to feel lighter, laugh and just BE rather than always going 100 mph.

If you’re nodding along to all of this, you’re in the perfect place. It doesn’t need to be a far away, out of reach dream, all of this can be your everyday.

In just a few hours a week my VIP coaching will help you to create a FOREVER framework for Clarity and Confidence and your own toolkit to help you feel happier and more fulfilled EVERY day. 

It’s time to step off the hamster wheel and really discover who you are and what you want, for you to live a happier life. It’s time to make your dream your LIFE. 

Here’s all the juicy details, I’m pee my pants excited to share this:

Doors Close on Sunday 21st July








Why am I the Coach for YOU? 

I’m so excited to “meet’” you (Charlie and I are!).

Who am I? Head and Heart Coach. Noggin Knowledge Geek. Cornish Girl. Proud Business Owner. Dog Mum. Casual Crossfitter.. Sea Swimmer and Beach Lover. Travel. Adventurer.

Why am I the best person to help you? I’ve walked in your shoes. I understand how you feel and what you need as I used to be you…

From divorced, depressed and anxious workaholic with a big job running multi million pound launches and 6 figure salary. To living in my beach house, running my dream business with incredible clients, clear on who I am and confident in what I can do. .

I understand the value and the powerful impact of working with a powerful, personal coach.

I’ve created a life that I am in love with, I truly and deeply know myself and live every day being me. 

 I share ALL my secrets and help YOU to how to finally live a happy and fullfiled life With your own forever Clarity and Confidence framework at the heart of it. 

That is my purpose and passion to help other amazing women to live the life they deserve. 

Big love Nic x


I’m Nic, Head and Heart coach and here’s Charlie chief cuddler and supporter. 

What is StrongHer VIP Coaching?

Are you a woman in business stuck on the hamster wheel, feeling constantly stressed and overwhelmed?

Do you feel you’ve lost your confidence and passion? Have you lost your sense of adventure to live a BIG life and become your own worst enemy, harsh and unrelenting?

Are you worried that you have it “ALL”, but you’re still not happy or fulfilled? You keep asking yourself, is this it?

You feel like you’re settling, you know deep down there’s something more but you don’t know how to find it?

Do your family and friends think you’re a great success yet you feel like you’re drowning?

Like a swan, you’re gliding on the surface but paddling furiously under the water just to keep up with the daily race against the clock.

Have you tried self-help, the more woo woo and career coaching yet things haven’t really changed for you? And each “failure” hits you hard, “why didn’t it “work” for me”?

You’re starting to worry there might be something wrong with you, you feel like a failure and a fraud. You used to be so much fun and have a real sense of adventure, the busyness of life has drained that away. 

You feel trapped and can’t see a way out, you know you need to change but don’t know where to start.

Every morning you wake with a racing heart and head already full, feeling the pressure of the never ending



Everyday your heart aches a little more to step off the mad paced hamster wheel your life has become.

You’re not sure how much longer you can go on, you have no energy or passion to make a change. And every day feel like you lose yourself a little more in the busyness of your life.

Would you LOVE to step off the hamster wheel? To rediscover your Clarity and Confidence?

If you’re a woman in business who’s ready to stop doing more to feel ENOUGH, I can help.  After giving so much to everyone in your life, time for you to have someone there to support YOU, to rediscover your clarity and confidence.

After a life time of everyone else coming first, it’s your time NOW. 

You have all the answers you need within you. You’ve been struggling for long enough it’s time to get the help you deserve by investing in some expert help …ME! ? 

StrongHer VIP coaching, is an incredible 6-month self-discovery journey with me leading you by the hand to bring you back home to YOU.  

Over the 6 months together we will:  


Get really clear on what your wows for coaching will be, to make a tailor-made plan for what you need most. Designed to give you what you need when you need it. 


Make your day to day feel good again, helping you to say no, create boundaries and create time for you with a diary you LOVE.  Let’s get the passion back.


Rediscover your confidence by creating a heart led self-identity to become the world leading expert in YOU. To always have self-trust and belief even when things get difficult.  


Learn how to reconnect to your heart and feelings, to rediscover your long-lost passions and lust for life and get really clear on what you want so you live a bigger, more fulfilled life.  


Understand why you say, think, feel and do certain things that don’t serve you by learning the Noggin Knowledge of how your brain works. The logic of emotion.  

Access to the StrongHer beloved, life changing six Principles, complete with a personal challenges, videos and cheat sheets.

Create your own forever framework of clarity and confidence you’ll rediscover that trust and belief in who you are and what you want. 


Develop your own toolkit of super simple daily techniques that help you to keep clarity and confidence even when curve balls knock you to the ground.  

Sounds AMAZING, how does it work?  

Here’s how it all works, and the great news is that it’s only takes a few of your precious hours a week to transform the rest of your life.  It’s a simple but super powerful process and lasts a lifetime.  

Fortnightly 1-2-1 Breakthrough calls with Nic, to give you what you most need when you need it to rediscover your clarity and confidence. This is where the lightbulbs and magic happens 

Weekly reflections for you to check in with where you are and to receive weekly personal feedback, to make course corrections to create the happiness and fulfilment you’ve been missing.  

A private VIP Facebook group where you can share when you’re struggling or get a pat on the back when you’re flying. You’ll get a tidal of love, support and understanding.   

Access to my StrongHer You group programme, with step by step worksheets and videos to really become the world leading expert in you.  

A monthly MastHer class delivered by yours truly, on the subject you most need or my latest learning. We go DEEP! 

A monthly emergency call, for when you really need some immediate support. You ask and we’re on a call within 24 hours. 

What are my AMAZING StrongHer Clients Saying?

Don’t take my word for it, here’s the stories of a few of my StrongHer clients and how the programme transformed their lives.  WARNING you might need tissues! I’m so proud of every one of these AMAZING ladies.

“Working with Nic has TRANSFORMED my life, the best money I’ve ever spent and my husband says he’s got his wife back.” Kat, Wife, mum and MD in the City 

“It’s been the best money I’ve .” – Katrina, Career High-Flier and Supermum

“I felt like I was in a black hole and lost ME, it’s been transformational for me I feel happy and content again.”        Ellen, Wife, Mum of 2 and Big Business Owner  

“I eat well and move more, because I respect and value myself, so I want to look after more.” – Laura, Mum of 4 and Career Girl

These ladies are no different from you, YES they are amazing but the only difference is that they’ve taken the leap of faith to invest in themselves and ask for help.

Trust your heart, take the leap and click the link to transform your life NOW forever.

Doors Close on Sunday 21st July








StrongHer VIP Coaching is PERFECT for you if: 


You know you need to make a CHANGE; there is more within you but you need some help rediscovering clarity.


You feel like your life is a ground hog day, a daily race against the clock at 100mph, never any time for you. 


You’re ready to FACE YOUR FEARS and get to know YOU; you just need some help bringing out into world.


You’re done with being your own worst enemy, you know it’s time to stop that hard and unrelenting inner voice.

You’re ready to truly be HAPPY and stop chasing achievements and start doing less and being more.

You’ve realised you need to SLOW down; open yourself to rediscovering your clarity and confidence.


Your ready to work with a coach who’s like a stern best friend; always there for you but not pulling punches.

You’re OPEN to a new way and willing to trust in the progress, you trust in your heart that it’ll work for you.

You’re ready to ditch all the SELF HELP that just leave you more confused and feeling like a failure.


You’re ready to learn the Noggin Knowledge of how your brain works, to truly understand yourself. 

This programme is NOT for EVERYONE

I’ve learnt the hard way I can’t help everyone, I want to focus my magic on ladies who have put their hand up and are ready to invest time, money and effort in themselves. All said with love but we’re just not for each other is all, if:

You’re looking for a quick fix, we get immediate results but we go deeper than that.

You’re wanting to be given ALL the answers and aren’t ready to find their own.

You’re wallowing and blaming, rather than accept and move forward.

You’re not willing to find and face their truth, it’s the only way to set yourself free.

You’re focused on stuff and things for happiness, rather than leading with love and experiences.

You’re not willing to ask for help, being vulnerable is not weak, it is the most courageous thing you can do

Here’s a quick reminder, are you READY to snap up one of the 5 places?  

In just a few hours a week StrongHer VIP coaching will bring you back home to you. By creating your own forever framework of clarity and confidence you’ll rediscover who you are and what you want from your life. 


And here’s a few more of my StrongHer Clients 

Don’t take my word for it, here’s my clients sharing their stories in their own words, it give me goosebumps and I LOVE hearing them.   Are you ready to be the next StrongHer success story? If not now, when ….. 

“I’ve grown in my understanding of myself, I’m less stressed and now say how I feel more.” – Erin, Supermum
“It’s been an amazing transformation for me, so much so I’ve done the programme twice.” – Katrina, Career High-Flier and Supermum
“The weekly structure is now just part of what I do and it’s changed my world.”. – Caroline, Yogi and Entrepreneur
“This has TRANSFORMED my life, I wouldn’t have started my dream business without it.” – Zoe, Business Owner and Supermum
“I’m the kindest I’ve ever been to myself and I’m changing my career” – Suzanne, Supermum and Career Girl
“I eat well and move more, because I respect and value myself, so I want to look after more.” – Laura, Mum of 4 and Career Girl
“The investment lasts a lifetime and you’ll come out as more of yourself. Find the money and do it.” – Emma, Entrepreneur
“I’m much more confident, feel calmer and much more resilient.I know that I’m ENOUGH.” – Caroline, Supermum and Lawyer

If you’ve been nodding all the way down the page, then NOW is the time. I only work with a handful of VIP clients at once so there are only 5 places, once they’re gone the doors will close again. And we get started week commencing Monday 29th July.  

If this feels right for you, STOP waiting for the perfect time when it’s less busy and you have less commitments it won’t happen. Trust your heart and snap up one of just 5 places.  

And there are two bonuses for going all in with the challenge, my way of saying thank you for being AMAZING. But the doors close on these on Sunday 21st July at midnight. 

Bonus 1: 

You have the option to pay monthly

at no extra charge. 

Bonus 2: 

Monthly Group MastHer mind calls

from September. 

Doors Close on Sunday 21st July








What if I Have a Question?

What if I feel scared but feel like it could really help me?

Fear is normal, it’s part of the the process but it’s also where the growth is and some ladies hold off starting a programme because of the fear. The truth is fear is simply growing pains and you can feel safe taking the leap of faith with me at your side. If you’d like to speak to me before you leap you can book a 15 minute call with me or you can speak to some of my current and previous clients, to help you know if it’s for you. 

What if I'd love to but I can't afford it right now?

Fear is normal, it’s part of the the process but it’s also where the growth is and some ladies hold off starting a programme because of the fear. The truth is fear is simply growing pains and you can feel safe taking the leap of faith with me at your side. If you’d like you can speak to some of my current and previous clients, to take that leap. 

What happens once I’ve joined?

Once you have confirmed your place, you will sent an e mail confirmation that day with the next steps and we’ll book your first StartHer call in the diary, where we work out your wows from coaching with me. The e mail has step by step instructions on how to add yourself to the Facebook Community and sign up to the StrongHer members area, where all the videos and workbooks will be kept. 

What is the start date?

For 5 brave and bold ladies their StrongHer VIP programme will begin in week commencing 29th July. Who doesn’t love a holiday, the programme is flexible enough to allow you to take some rest and we can work round that. The content is designed to be really impactful without making you overwhelmed.

What kind of ladies are part of the StrongHer VIP programme?

I’ve worked with corporate high-fliers, business leaders, amazing busy but tired mums, world-changing business owners and loving coaches. BUT they all have one thing in common, they are ready to invest in themselves to create a lifetime clarity and confidence framework to be happier and more fulfilled. themselves. They want more from life and they’re ready to invest time, money and effort in themselves to get there.

How much time will I need for this?

 I understand that you’re busy ladies but you only need to commit to a couple of house a week for the Breakthrough calls, reflection sheets and homework. A couple of hours a week for a lifetime of transformation, you get out what you put in. If you’re asking as you think you don’t have time I have a question for you? Do you have the time not to do this? Or do you want to carry on with the ground hog day that is your life? That’s part of what’s drawn you to this programme.

Will this work for me?

The Programme “works” if you do the work. Simples really. My team and I are here to guide, love and support you BUT it’s your journey to own. The results for the ladies who have been through the programme are amazing as they are varied, you’ve seen the testimonials. From career changes, marriages saved or left, travel plans and dream holidays booked, moving house county, county, leaving their career and new businesses flourishing. But they all did the work and took the leap of faith, to create a forever framework of clarity and confidence.

Can I cancel this programme at any time?

No, you’ll sign an agreement to 6 months minimum so we have time to the deep work.  I only want to work with committed women who will be all in and focused on this amazing journey. So take a leap of faith and go all in wholeheartedly.