A Six Month Revolutionary Programme to learn to Love YOU and Be Confident in Your Own Skin.


At Last Know, Love and Be YOU

Do you STILL believe that eating less and moving more is THE way to lose weight this Summer?

If it WAS the answer you’d be right where you wanted to be now?

If it WAS that simple you’d be LOVING your body and what you see in the mirror. And not hate shopping and being in family pictures. You deserve more than that.

>>>>>>RIGHT NOW<<<<<<

It’s likely you wouldn’t even be reading this if it WAS true.

You’d have the body you LOVE, be at the weight you want, enjoy date nights with your other half, have energy when you wake up, have clarity each day, know what food to eat to feel great and have a roaring sex life.

In fact ALL women would be much nearer to their body goals if the #1 secret of weight loss was SIMPLY to eat less and move more.

REALITY CHECK: It’s not WORKING for you and it’s not sustainable.

Most women fail on diets, research shows that up to 97% of body transformations and diets ultimately fail.  In fact this multi million pound industry is designed on you failing. And I also know because I’ve done that, punishing my body with more and more restrictive diets.

EXCITING NEWS … there is a way that works, that is just for YOU.

I want to invite you to experience a DIFFERENT way.  One that I’ve put my heart and soul into crafting over the last four years and from working with over 500 women.

I’ve created this so you can ENJOY your journey of becoming confident in your own skin.

I’ve created this so you can ENJOY the journey and make it forever weight loss.

One that is led FROM LOVE.

We all know you don’t get a life and body you LOVE doing things you HATE and can’t wait to STOP. It doesn’t make sense, so you’re invited to try a proven and unique way.

And a Money Can’t Buy Experience

For the first 10 ladies who join, you’ll be invited to spend a day masterminding with me and 9 other ladies … at my home on Cornwall (venue moved if needed) on a date we all chose.

To Kickstart your own Revolution and get you clarity on why you’re not where you want to be in your life or with your body. And get to the TRUTH of why you’re not there. But more importantly make a plan and take steps to listen to your heart and create the life and body you want.

The investment in a VIP day one to one is £997 now, so this is truly a money can’t buy experience and something new and unique. So to GUARANTEE your place on this, you need to be quick and be one of the first 10 AMAZING ladies.

So EXCITED for this and this will be the first of many more masterminds to come. 🙂

I’m peeing my pants excited to introduce the StrongHer Revolution 2.0.

What is the StrongHer Revolution?

A unique 6 month programme to KNOW, LOVE and BE You that helps you lose weight in a way that means FOREVER.

Without guilt, judgement or making yourself do things you can’t wait to STOP.

And all with LOVE at the heart of it.

The StrongHer Revolution is a six-month programme with a private community that leads you lovingly through the 5 StrongHer Principles that will get you where you want to be.

It’s the result of 5 years of investing £30,000 in my own development and learning from the world’s leading coaching experts including Dax Moy, Ben Coomber, Leanne Ellington and Yvonne Radley.


It’s from what I’ve learnt from coaching over 500 women over the last 4 years. Running the highly successful StrongHer Formula from a small gym in Reading and seeing some women fail despite even with the best training and nutrition plans.

It’s from my own experiences and story of severe depression and anxiety.

Fast-forward to leaving a 6 figure plus corporate career, a heartbreaking divorce, a failed first business and a cheating ex to where I am now.

Happy and content in my own body at the age of 40 (as of a week ago :-)), so much so I’m bikini obsessed and making plans to start a family on my own.

Clear and focused on what I want from life – a worldwide business helping women all over the globe KNOW that they’re ENOUGH.

BUT with me at the front and centre of my life. My own happy comes first. That’s what I’ll share with you and help you create through the 5 StrongHer Principles.

Simple steps to finally know who you are and what you want so you have certainty in yourself and re-find your self belief.

I share my Noggin Knowledge to help you make the most of your very own super computer. Here we unlock why you go back to bad habits, why your self-talk is so negative and how to change your stories.

How to love your food again and move away from the GOOD and BAD food mentality and the diet cycles.

How to fall back in love with training and achieve a body you love in the minimum amount of time in the gym or work out at home.

How to bring all the above into simple action plans to keep you on track with your life and body. And how to find your pace and come back on track when you lose your way.

It’s an invitation to join a growing Revolution of AMAZING woman ready to fall in love with their life and body FOREVER. Without stress, anxiety, pressure or doing things you hate.

To learn to know, love and BE YOU. To be clear on what you want and who you are. So you accept yourself and learn to nurture yourself and your body in a loving way. And have the freedom to take it at your own pace to make it fit with your lifestyle.


BUT above all KNOW that YOU ARE ENOUGH.

The StrongHer YOU Revolution is PERFECT for you if: 


You’re feeling lost and confused with what to do next to lose weight. You’ve invested thousands over the years yet still don’t like what you see in the mirror or feel comfortable in your own skin.


You know there’s MORE to it than just training harder and eating LESS. You know what you need to do BUT don’t seem to be able to do it. To be consistent and make changes that fit with your hectic lifestyle.


You always start well but then go off track. You need to find something that fits your life, to be consistent and make changes that fit with your hectic lifestyle.


You feel LOST with where you are in life at the moment. You have a great life BUT you’re not loving it something isn’t right and you feel like you’re living ground hog day.


You’ve tried EVERY diet going, you’ve cut down, out and back on food and at times been miserable at the mercy of crazy diets.


If you’ve tried shakes, pills and the latest shiny bright object yet even when you lose weight it ALWAYS goes back on.


There’s NEVER any time for YOU. You’re nearly at breaking point and resenting that EVERYONE else comes first, the children, husband even the cat and dog come before you.


You’ve done ALL that BUT ….. you’re still not LOVING what you see in the mirror and don’t feel comfortable in your own skin.

So if you LOVE my principles and the daily good stuff I share here’s an opportunity to work with me in my true passion, long term and lasting transformation based on my 5 StrongHer Principles.

This is a REVOLUTION in how to truly learn to LOVE yourself and your BODY

And you can kiss goodbye forever to:

Hours of endless and mindless cardio and spending fruitless hours in the gym, punishing your body.

Shakes, pills and the next BIG thing that ISN’T FOOD.

Counting calories and weighing everything you eat. OR that diet approach of cutting DOWN, OUT or BACK.

Doing things you hate and suffering through the process to then fall off the wagon and beat yourself off when it was NEVER going to work.

Chasing the next promotion, business goal, the guy, the baby, the house or the dropping of dress sizes to be happy. NEWSFLASH it’s all within YOU.

Being so damn hard on yourself ALL the time and not seeing how awesome you already are.

Who it’s NOT for?

So just to be super clear and up front this ISN’T FOR EVERYONE. All said with love but we’re just not for each other is all.

So it’s NOT for:

Ladies looking to lose weight mega quickly and desperate to see the number on the scale drop, this is NOT a quick fix approach but about LONG-term transformation.

If you’re in need of daily accountability and for someone to watch over you every step of the way then this isn’t for you.

If you’re not willing or ready to trust and invest in a NEW and DIFFERENT approach.

Still excited? Join the Revolution here:

What do You Get Through the 6 Months?

So the juicy stuff the heart and soul of the programme I truly LOVE and am so proud to share:


A StrongHer YOU starting assessment of where you are NOW and where YOU should start.


A monthly StrongHer MOVE training plan adaptable to YOU that’s focused, efficient and fun that you can do at home or in the gym.


The StrongHer MOVE exercise library the moves we LOVE that’ll give you the sexy curves you’ve been longing for that you can do at home.

Monthly AMAZING quick and family friendly recipes to keep you inspired in the kitchen, with a total of 500 mouth watering recipe waiting for you.

Access to the StrongHer beloved, simple but AMAZINGLY effective 5 Principles, with a series of Mini Challenges and cheat sheets for that we’ll work on in the group together.


A monthly Ask Me Anything to answer any questions you might have and to share my latest cutting edge knowledge that you’ll love.


The StrongHer Revolution Inner Circle, our place to be YOU, to pick you up when you’re struggling and to share you successes when you’re flying.


Monthly Ask The Expert Sessions, from gut health, to sex coaches and nutrition geeks we have the BEST team of experts ready to guide, love and support you.

BUT this is all about taking it at YOUR pace so there is NO being BEHIND or in the LEAD. It’s all about setting your own pace and fitting in with YOUR lifestyle.

This is all about YOU and YOUR journey to knowing your enough, loving life and your body.

What are the StrongHer Revolution Ladies Saying?

And don’t just take my word for it here’s what the first amazing ladies had to say about the StrongHer Revolution.

The StrongHer Revolution is a friendly supportive programme that you are free to open up and be yourself and gain more focus on what you want from life. I’m now HUGELY excited about life and where it’s heading, and super proud of who I am and what I have already achieved. I now have more clarity on what I want. Thanks so much Nic!


Multiple Business Owner and Self Development Geek

Before the Revolution I was fed up with starting things and not seeing them through – particularly in relation to my health, fitness, weight. I’ve made some small but significant changes to my diet and exercise – and I’m feeling much better already. For the first time in years, the changes I’m making to improve my health are sticking and I’m seeing the results. I definitely feel more positive about my health, and this has improved my attitude and outlook. Thanks Nic X


Business Owner and Mum of Children and Dogs

Since I have been part of StrongHer I have for the first time stood back and thought about ME for a change instead of my many other conflicting priorities including my two fabulous sons. I have realised that if I am not at my best looking after myself then I cannot be the best I can be for my sons or my husband either. Nic has transformed how I think and made me realise I need to stop and think. This isn’t always easy to do all the time but I always come back to her advice to get me back on track. Nic is an amazing inspiring and giving person to help others in the way she does – it’s wonderful to feel the support from someone who knows what you are going through. Thank you Nic !


Company Director

So I have had a think Nic and I think the main things for me are that I am not alone and this programme is a journey.  The feelings, thoughts and actions I used to beat myself up about are not me being weird or crazy – they are shared by other women and there are reasons behind why we think the way we do. I am enjoying the journey of learning all there is to learn about myself – the challenge now is keeping up with my own expectations and ensuring I don’t revert back to the habitual ways of thinking.


Corporate High Flier

My Invitation to YOU.

To trust and experience a new way of weight loss one that’ll you love and enjoy as you get to know YOU.

  • You DON’T need mending or fixing, you’re not BROKEN and never were.
  • You are NOT lazy, weak willed or any of these names you give yourself.
  • It’s NOT about not wanting it BADLY enough or trying harder.
  • You’re not alone, unique in your worries and you don’t need to do this on your own.
  • You’re not over emotional, over thinking or being a GIRL …

You’re just being YOU. So I invite you to get to KNOW, LOVE and BE YOU.

Which simply means:

  • Being happier day to day and being in the moment more
  • Accepting who you are and being proud of your struggles
  • At long last comfortable in your own skin and loving your body
  • Learning to lose weight in a way that truly works for YOU
  • Having clarity on what you want from life and stepping towards
  • A better connection with your partner and in my experience more sex (yeh!)

And a BETTER, HAPPIER you’ll also be a better mum, wife, partner, boss, business owner, employee, daughter, sister.

BUT you get what I mean. If you can know, love and be you then you’ll show up each day loving, supporting and serving the people you love in a bigger way.

So I invite you to make TIME for YOU!

What Is the Investment in The StrongHer Revolution?

This is the best bit. Because we are working in an awesome group we can drive the cost of my coaching. Instead of the usual thousands that clients invest in themselves to work with me.

It is £197 for the first 30 courageous ladies ready to join this LIFE CHANGING programme, one that my heart and soul has gone into from all my life experiences coaching and being a coach.

This price is only available to the first 30, after this the price will go up to £297.

Have a Question?

Will this work for me?

The Programme “works” if you do the work. My team and me are here to guide love and support you BUT it’s your journey to own. The changes in the ladies who have been through the programme are amazing as they are varied. From career changes, marriages saved or left, travel plans and dream holidays booked, new houses bought and new businesses flourishing.

What kind of ladies are part of the StrongHer programme?

I’ve worked with corporate high fliers and business leaders, amazing busy but tired mums, world changing business owners and loving coaches. BUT they all have one thing in common, they are ready to love themselves to a happy life AND a healthy body their proud of. They want more from life and they’re ready to invest in themselves to get there.

What are the 5 Principles included in the StrongHer Revolution Programme?

The 5 Principles that StrongHer is based on are powerful on their own BUT together they really will CHANGE your life.

1.      StrongHer YOU: Have courage to know WHO you are and WHAT you want from life. Truly fall in LOVE with YOU and be YOU.
2.      StrongHer NOGGIN: Get clear on what’s happening in your BRAIN so you can work with your very own super computer.
3.      StrongHer FOOD: confusion, just simple principles to eat great, healthy food you and your family will LOVE and you body will thrive from.
4.      StrongHer MOVE: How to MOVE more and TRAIN in a way that fits YOUR LIFE that you LOVE
5.      StrongHer FOREVER: How to show up in the world EVERY day as the StrongHer YOU and how to bounce back when you need to.
Do I have time for this?

I understand that you’re busy ladies But if can you commit to training twice a week and also 30 minutes a week working on the Principles then this programme will change your life.

Can I cancel this programme at any time?

No if you’re one of the first 30 then you have 7 months membership for the one off cost. A new principle is opened for you every 4 weeks so if you leave before the end of the 6 months you’ll miss out.   I only want to work with committed women who will be all in and focused on this amazing journey.

Kickstart knowing who you are and what you want by taking the StrongHer 7 day Self Love Challenge. A proven way to start to know, love and be you.


(templates, articles and videos await full of fun, love and simple steps to self love)

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