how professional women can slow down and live more without getting stressed and overwhelmed

Slow Down to Know, Love and Be You to Live a Bigger Life

You’re Invited to Take Time to Slow Down, Do Less and Live

More to Get to Know, Love and Be You

Do You Feel Stressed?



Ladies, are you constantly rushing through your life, yet never feel that you are ENOUGH?

It’s time to STOP pushing, rushing, striving, chasing and constantly doing.

Do you DO so much for others that you have forgotten YOURSELF? It’s time to DO LESS, to FEEL and to BE more.

Do You Feel under Constant Pressure ?

Are you a BUSY, PROFESSIONAL woman, chasing achievement, always STRIVING —without any time to simply BE? 

Are you over-committed and exhausted? Have you forgotten YOURSELF? Are you too BUSY pleasing everyone else?

Do you feel under PRESSURE to have the perfect body, impeccably behaved children, a high-flying career AND then an effortless and easy personal relationship?

Do you feel STUCK in the day to day, with never ending to do lists that get longer and a family that always need MORE of you?

Are you a lady with high expectations, working hard to keep up appearances? Do you FEAR stopping and all your plates crashing down around you?

Would you love to…….?

Feel confident and know that you’re ENOUGH?

LOVE the skin you’re in and ditch the diet for good?

NOT be in a constant rush to please everyone esle?

Take back CONTROL and create more BALANCE and feel calm and content?

Stop JUDGING yourself and overthinking and comparing?

Find time for YOU again and not just live for others ALL the time?

you’re invited to join a Revolution, for professional women to live more by doing less.

Imagine that you life is slower paced and you’re living more and doing less.

Imagine that you could look in the mirror and smile at the face looking back.

Imagine that you had a series of simple hacks and tips to feel happy and clear.

Imagine that you were working with a a proven process—one that’s helped over 100 women.

Imagine the support and strength you’d get from joining a loving and supportive expert team.

Imagine no more going alone, getting daily help rather than replying on self-help.


It is time for finding your truth—your truth will set you free.

It is time to honour yourself and invest in your happiness.

It is time to find your way back home to YOU.

What is the StrongHer Revolution 4.0?

My beloved StrongHer Revolution 4.0 is your journey back home to YOU. It’s time to slow down and Know, Love, and Be You.

The StrongHer Revolution is a six-month group programme with an amazing group of ladies and cutting edge experts that leads you lovingly through the six StrongHer Principles that will guide you to clarity on who you are and what you want.

Without guilt, judgement or making yourself do things you can’t wait to STOP.

Without always putting everyone else first and never making time for you.

Without a pass and fail, must dos and tick box exercises, we go deep.

Without woo woo, chants and omms, and a wing and a prayer.

Without just pure geeking and science, we lead with love.

It’s not about doing MORE, it’s a slow but fast approach to having a happy life and loving the skin you’re in.

What are the StrongHer Revolution Ladies Saying?

And don’t just take my word for it, you might need tissues! I’m so proud of every one of these AMAZING ladies.

“I’ve grown in my understanding of myself, I’m less stressed and now say how I feel more.” – Erin, Supermum

“It’s been an amazing transformation for me, so much so I’ve done the programme twice.” – Katrina, Career High-Flier and Supermum

“The weekly structure is now just part of what I do and it’s changed my world.”. – Caroline, Yogi and Entrepreneur

“This has TRANSFORMED my life, I wouldn’t have started my dream business without it.” – Zoe, Business Owner and Supermum

“I’m the kindest I’ve ever been to myself and I’m changing my career” – Suzanne, Supermum and Career Girl

“I eat well and move more, because I respect and value myself, so I want to look after more.” – Laura, Mum of 4 and Career Girl

“The investment lasts a lifetime and you’ll come out as more of yourself. Find the money and do it.” – Emma, Entrepreneur

“I’m much more confident, feel calmer and much more resilient.I know that I’m ENOUGH.” – Caroline, Supermum and Lawyer

These ladies are no different from you, YES they are amazing but the only difference is that they’ve taken the leap of faith to invest in themselves and ask for help.

And all you need to do, is trust your heart and click the link.

How Does the Programme Work?

Over our 6 months together, we’ll be holding your hand through the 6 StrongHer Principles. 

Principle 1: StrongHer Start – Find clarity and the truth on where you are in your life right now.

Principle 2: StrongHer You – Peel back 5 layers of self-identity to truly and deeply know yourself.

Principle 3: StrongHer Noggin – The Noggin Knowledge to help you understand “I know what I need to do but don’t do it.”

Principle 4: StrongHer Relationships – How to create, easy, clear relationships with honesty and communication that flows.

Principle 5: StrongHer Body – Learn to love the skin you’re in, fall back in love with food and moving.

Principle 6: StrongHer Fulfilment – How to share your true voice with the world and find your magic.

Each principle is lead with Love, with the goal of truly and deeply knowing yourself. They are based in Noggin Knowledge geekery that I’ve studied in depth and used to change my own life (and the lives of the 1,000 plus women I’ve worked with).

What do You Get for the investment in This Amazing Programme?

Let’s cut to the juicy stuff the heart and soul of the programme I truly LOVE! I am so proud to share:


The Noggin Knowledge, the neuroscience of change which always WORKS for the ladies who do the work.


Ask The Expert Sessions—from gut health to sex coaches and nutrition geeks—we have the BEST team of experts ready to guide, love and support you.


SHRev Online Masterminds to answer any questions you might have and to share my latest cutting-edge knowledge that you’ll love.


The StrongHer Revolution HQ where you can share your successes in our closed Facebook community when you’re flying.


A group of AMAZING women who will join you on your journey and be your cheerleaders on your road to where you want to be.

Access to the StrongHer beloved, life changing six Principles, complete with a personal challenges, videos and cheat sheets.

StrongHer Problem Solving content to solve your BIGGEST challenges quickly with the Noggin Knowledge behind what’s going on.


The StrongHer Weekly Structure to keep you focused and on track and teach you to avoid overwhelm and exhaustion.

The StrongHer Revolution is all about taking it at YOUR own pace so there is NO being BEHIND or in the LEAD. It’s all about doing what feels right for you. It’s about learning to trust your true voice. It’s about slowing down and letting yourself feel, and be more. This is all about YOU and YOUR journey to slow down and learn to know that you are ENOUGH, to love your life and your body.

The StrongHer YOU Revolution is PERFECT for you if: 


You know you need to make a CHANGE; you know there is more within you but you need some help finding clarity.


You LOVE self-development and learning; you geek out and love those lightbulbs and ahas.


You’re ready to FACE YOUR FEARS and get to know YOU; you know what you want you just need some help bringing out into world.


You’ve tried EVERY diet going – you’ve cut down, out and back on food and been miserable living at the mercy of crazy diets.


You’re ready to truly be HAPPY and stop chasing achievements and start doing less and being more.


You’ve realised you need to SLOW down; open yourself to doing less and feeling and being more.


You’ve ACHIEVED a lot but can’t seem to see it or have the time to enjoy it.


You’re OPEN to a new way and willing to trust in the progress, you trust in your heart that it’ll work for you.


You give your ALL to your career or business but you’re frustrated that you still aren’t where you want to be.


If all the SELF HELP books don’t help you at all, just leave you more confused and overwhelmed.

This programme is NOT for EVERYONE

I’ve learnt the hard way I can’t heal the world so I want to focus my magic to the ladies who have put their hand up and are ready to invest in themselves. All said with love but we’re just not for each other is all. The StrongHer Revolution 4.0 is NOT for: Ladies looking for a quick diet or weight loss plan, we go deeper than that. Ladies wanting to be given ALL the answers and aren’t ready to find their own. Ladies wanting to wallow and blame, rather than accept and move forward. Ladies not willing to find and face their truth, it’s the only way to set yourself free. Ladies looking to focus on stuff and things for happiness, rather than lead with love.

Ladies not willing to ask for help, being vulnerable is not weak, it is the most courageous thing you can do

Who Am I?

Hi, I’m Nicola Buckley I’m so excited you’re here reading this. I’m the world’s leading Head and Heart Coach for professional women who need to slow down and Know, Love, and Be themselves.

I know that you have all the answers within your heart but you’re too stuck in your head. This was my story too. I’m an ex corporate high flier who managed multi million pound launches for large corporates..

Yet none of that made me HAPPY, I was always striving for more and the next achievement or they guy to make me happy. So I get it and I understand.

This is my passion programme, that I truly LOVE, it’s from my heart:

It’s the result of 5 years of investing £30,000 in my own development and learning from the world’s leading coaching experts including Dax MoyBen CoomberLeanne Ellington.

It’s from what I’ve learnt from coaching over 1,000 of women all over the world in the last 4 years, in the gym, online and face-to-face through workshops and retreats.

It’s from my own experiences and story of severe depression and anxiety.. Fast-forward to where I am now, happy and content in my own body at the age of 40 and making plans in my dream Cornish beach house with my lovely partner and our dogs. Clear and focused on what I want from life – a worldwide business helping women all over the globe KNOW that they’re ENOUGH.

BUT with me at the front and centre of my life. My own happiness comes first.. I’ll share with you my secrets and help you create a slower life and live more through my beloved StrongHer Revolution, I’d LOVE you join us. And if you’re scared that’s natural, being uncomfortable is where the growth is.

Big love Nic x

do you want to achieve this in your own life?

What are the StrongHer Revolution Ladies Saying?

And don’t just take my word for it, you might need tissues! I’m so proud of every one of these AMAZING ladies.

How? By trusting a PROVEN, NEUROSCIENCE led way to Slow Down and Live More, one that’ll you LOVE and ENJOY as you get to know YOU.

  • You DON’T need mending or fixing, you’re not BROKEN and never were.
  • You are NOT lazy, weak-willed or any of the labels you give yourself.
  • It’s NOT about not wanting it BADLY enough or trying harder, there’s nothing more to give.
  • You’re not ALONE in your worries and you don’t need to do this on your own.
  • You’re not over emotional, over thinking or being a GIRL…

You’re simply being YOU. So I invite you to slow down and get to KNOW, LOVE and BE YOU.

Which simply means:

  • Being happier day-to-day and being in the moment more, not always rushing.
  • Accepting who you are and being proud of your struggles and story.
  • Finally being comfortable in your own skin and loving your body.
  • A better connection with your partner and in my experience more sex (yeh!)
  • You’ll also be a better mum, wife, partner, boss, business owner, employee, daughter, sister.

When you Know, Love, and Be you then you’ll show up each day loving, supporting and serving the people you love in a BIGGER way. So I invite you to make TIME for YOU, join the StrongHer Revolution 

What Is the Investment in The StrongHer Revolution 4.0?

This may surprise you but it’s part of my way of giving back. My VIP clients invest thousands to work with me one to one but working as a group brings down the cost to you, so this is less than £12.50 a week or a cup of coffee a day. It is £297 for the first 50 courageous ladies ready to join this LIFE-CHANGING programme, one that my heart and soul has gone into from all my life experiences coaching and being a coach. This can be paid in one hit or spread across the 6 months for a small extra charge.

Extra Bonus

The first 20 ladies to join will be invited to be a mastermind day with me, to kick-start your journey and tackle your biggest challenge. My clients pay over £1,000 for a day but this AMAZING day is FREE to the first brave 20 ladies who take the leap of faith.

Have a Question?

What if I feel scared but feel like it could really help me?

Fear is normal, it’s part of the the process but it’s also where the growth is and some ladies hold off starting a programme because of the fear. The truth is fear is simply growing pains and you can feel safe taking the leap of faith with me at your side.

What happens once I’ve joined?
Once you have made your payment you will automatically be taken to a Thank You page. You will be guided to add yourself to the Facebook Community and sign up to the SHRev members area, where all the course content will be kept. Content will be delivered by PDF and video. Monthly Mastermind group calls will be held via zoom.
What is the start date?
The StrongHer Revolution 4.0 will start on 22nd June. The first Mastermind call will be arranged within the group once all the SHRev members are registered.
What if I can’t start on 22nd June or have holidays planned?
Who doesn’t love a holiday, the programme is flexible enough to allow you to take some rests but what better place to focus a little on you than on holiday. The content is designed to be really impactful without making you overwhelmed.
What kind of ladies are part of the StrongHer programme?
I’ve worked with corporate high-fliers, business leaders, amazing busy but tired mums, world-changing business owners and loving coaches. BUT they all have one thing in common, they are ready to Slow Down and start to Know, Love and Be themselves. They want more from life and they’re ready to invest in themselves to get there.
Will I have continued access to all the juicy stuff?
You will have access for the entire 6 months 24/7, the membership area will be open to you for an extra few weeks at the end of the programme before the new amazing group joins.
How much time will I need for this?

If you’re asking as you think you don’t have time I have a question for you? Do you have the time not to do this? Or do you want to carry on with the stress and rushing that is your life? That’s part of what’s drawn you to this programme. I understand that you’re busy ladies but you only need to commit to an hour a week working on the Principles to change your life.

Will this work for me?
The Programme “works” if you do the work. Simples really. My team and I are here to guide, love and support you BUT it’s your journey to own. The changes in the ladies who have been through the programme are amazing as they are varied. From career changes, marriages saved or left, travel plans and dream holidays booked, new houses bought and new businesses flourishing. But they all did the work and took the leap of faith.
Can I cancel this programme at any time?
No, if you’re one of the 50 ladies then you have 6 months membership for the one-off cost. A new principle is opened for you every 4 weeks so if you leave before the end of the 6 months you’ll miss out. I only want to work with committed women who will be all in and focused on this amazing journey. So take a leap of faith and go all in wholeheartedly.
What if I want more help from Nic?
You can ask questions direct to Nic and she’ll give you her time but it is not a 1-2-1 coaching environment, so we ask you respect the investment and time of other members too. You’re more than welcome to see if VIP 1-2-1 coaching would be of benefit by booking a Breakthough call here.