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StrongHer Coaching that Fast Forwards Busy, Professional Women to Know, Love and Be Themselves to Live a Happy Life, Confident in Their Own Skin.

“My one to one work with Nic was super helpful in shining the light on a few areas of my life that needed tweaking. Chatting through was really helpful and Nic is super easy to open up to. I loved the process and the clarity that came from it.” 


Multiple Business Owner and Self Development Geek

“Nicola is extremely supportive during the whole process.  She made me feel relaxed about completing everything at my own pace.  The Breakthrough calls with Nicola are amazing!  She had a wonderful way of making me open up about things that I didn’t even realise were an issue for me.  Her gentle questions and coaching style really works for me and both times I finished the calls feeling like I had a massive amount of more clarity and other tasks to do to help get even more.”


Cat Mum and Yogi

It’s true: The Clarity of Knowing Who You Are And What You Want Will Make a Happy Lady and Confident in Your Own Skin

I can help you make that happen with StrongHer VIP coaching, My coaching will help you get to know what’s stopping you being happy and enjoying life. I’ll help you leave behind the old stories, confusion and overwhelm that keep you stuck.

BUT this isn’t about fluff or being woo woo, yes I DO believe in that stuff BUT I’m a woman of action. So I’ll give you the ninja secrets and tools to start changing your life, at YOUR own pace.

I’ll help you learn to ACCEPT and even LOVE who you are so you’re happier day-to-day and more resilient. OH and you’ll also say goodbye to feeling lost, overwhelmed, confused and in constant worry about what life might throw at you next.

The Signature Benefits of Coaching with Nic One to One Are:

Together We Will:

  • Understand and overcome your BIGGEST challenge that is holding you back; we tackle this first to get to the root of what’s having the biggest impact on you and your life.
  • Help you see the truth in the old stories that are keeping you stuck, on weekly calls we’ll find the truth about what you’ve been telling yourself.
  • Gain true clarity on WHO you are and WHAT you want from life, so you can let go of feeling overwhelmed, confused and lost and find clarity and focus.
  • Understand what is going on in your brain and learn to use Noggin Knowledge to stop blaming yourself for failing and being your own harshest critic.
  • Identify the old habits that don’t serve you and create simple steps to change them, it’s not down to will power but just 3 simple steps.
  • Create a new and loving relationship with food, where you start to LOVE eating and preparing food.
  • Find a way of moving more in your life and making it part of your lifestyle that you love.
  • Create a forever plan for you to create the life and body you want and deserve.


And this is a little of how it works:

  • A StrongHer VIP Facebook group a safe, family of other StrongHer ladies who share their wins and support each other. 
  • Weekly Breakthrough calls with you and Nic to focus on and help you get clarity with your challenges
  • Access to the 5 StrongHer Principles, with simple worksheet and videos to guide you through.
  • Weekly invitations to try simple ways of making BIG changes in your life and then including them into your day.
  • Share the latest ninja and cutting edge hints and tips from Nic and the team as they learn from the world’s leading experts.
  • Be the first to be invited to any new programmes or events that the StrongHer team hold.


The Best Part?

This programme will work for you no matter what your challenge is and who you are because it’s designed to focus where YOU need to.

I’ve worked with Board Directors, Founders of amazing businesses, supermums, corporate high fliers, coaches, celebrities, industry experts and many more.  And from these amazing ladies I’ve learnt to focus in on what YOU need, sometimes it’s love, sometimes it’s more challenging and I know what works NOW for you. But all that I do it ALWAYS comes from LOVE, EMPATHY and COMPASSION.

Overwhelm to On Fire: The 5 Minute Head Clearing Checklist for Women in the Corporate World


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