START Your year with time for you and CLARITY AND CONFIDENCE

Would You Love to Spend A Weekend With Me in my Beautiful Cornish home To make 2019 your best ever year?

If you’ve tried and failed each year with your New Year’s Resolutions, that leave you feeling frustrated and like a failure, still  not feeling ENOUGH.

Then you’re invited to try a different way, one that’s about a Revolution in your heart and creating a life and body you LOVE. It’s all about helping you find the answers within you.

That isn’t just about about a plan for 2019, it’s goes much deeper than that and helps you get clear on who you are and what you want.

My purpose is helping other women understand who they are and what they want to create their dreams. And on this AMAZING weekend Retreat, we’ll create a plan so you have the best year of your life in 2018 and beyond, so you’ll have CLARITY and CONFIDENCE.

You’re Invited to Stop, Pause and Breath.Do you EVER have time to just STOP?

Just BE YOU … not fraught mum, ambitious business owner, dutiful daughter corporate high flier or supportive partner but YOU.

As much as you start another year with good intentions, you always end up breaking your resolutions and then kick your own arse.

There’s NEVER any time to just:


^^^ Imagine that … no little munchkins jumping on you, dinner to make or dog to walk… JUST YOU … TIME…. RELAX …. PAUSE ?

If the thought of doing things ‘dreckly’ (Cornish for slow), in the peace and quiet of a stunning location to just focus on you to start 2018 flying sounds like bliss then this could be for you.

what happens on this amazing weekend to create Clarity and Confidence in 2019

Day 1: From 4.30pm Friday

Get Settled and Find Your Clarity

You arrive at Mordros for 4pm, welcomed with some Cornish scones and a big brew of tea.

We have a tour of the house and beach, before you have some time to settle in your rooms before we get started.

Our focus for today is a few hours to get your clear on YOU. Plus we get clear on what you truly want from the weekend.

Then we’ll have Prosecco time and dinner, to relax and get to know each other. Before an early night to the sound of the sea. ?

Day 2: Saturday from 8am


We start with a invigorating beach walk to clear your mind and start the day fresh. Then we fuel up with a delicous brekkie and set out the flow for the day.

Today our focus is on helping you get to know WHO you truly are through some fun challenges. This will help you find clarity and acceptance of who you are and start to create your self identity.

The there’s some time for one to one sessions before our girls night out at the award winning local restaurant. We might even find some handsome fishermen and be aware of the cider lol!

Day 3: Sunday 9am - 4pm


We start with a walk on each beach again if you want to join us, then a scrummy brekkie to give you energy for the exciting day ahead.

Our focus is today on creating your dream, we get into detail on what you truly want and then start creating it here and now.

You’ll leave with crystal clear clarity and your very own plan for 2019. Plus with even detailed steps of how to get there whilst enjoying the journey and ways of staying on track.

We share our BIG wows for the weekend and then head off home for 4pm. So you have time to get home and share your amazing weekend.

your home for the weekend Mordros – My Dream Cornish Beach House

Don’t Just take my word for how transformational these weekends are

The best investment I’ve EVER Made……..

“I am now free of guilt and have forgiven myself for things I needed to let go of but had continued to beat myself up about. I now know how to work through the rest of my beliefs and change or upgrade if they no longer help me. As well as whole heap more! So much more!!

You see working Nic is a gift. The love guidance & nurturing that Nic gives so freely is true magic. Not only passing on her knowledge but nudging you through the dark, grey uncomfortable messy moments until POP ??? Blackpool illuminatons, lightbulbs and realisations ❤️

Every woman who resonates with Nic and how she can help you should do this. No if’s or buts or when X Y Z are sorted. Do it NOW.”

Sue Boardman

Super Mum, Personal Trainer and now StrongHer Coach

ThiS Sounds amazing is this Retreat for me? 

❤️  You want to STOP, get clarity on what you truly want to stop living in stress and anxiety.

❤️ You need time away from your day-to-day responsibilities and pressures to work on and be YOU.

❤️  You feel like lif is passing you by and you don’t know where to get started to get back in control.

❤️ You love a nurturing hand and support to finally know who you are and what you want.

❤️ You enjoy sharing (what you feel comfortable to share) and LOVE being with like minded ladies.

❤  You love being with other amazing ladies and get inspired by sharing ideas.

❤  You LOVE Cornwall the slow pace of life and instantly feel relaxed by the sea.

❤  You feel LOST and like you only ever think of EVERYONE else and there’s never any time, love or energy left for YOU.

❤  You feel like you don’t know yourself as YOU anymore and not just as a mum, partner, employee, business owner.

How Much is the investment and When Is It? 

The Retreats take place on Friday 13th – Sunday 15th September  and Friday 15th – 18th November .

Places are limited to 4 ladies on each weekend, so we can give you all the support and love we can.

All food is included apart from when we hit the local restaurant on Saturday night. And maybe even a quick pint with the locals.

Friendships are made on these retreats and you leave with own fanclub and you see that you are not alone anymore.

We have lots of FUN, probably some smut and all within a safe and none judgemental atmosphere where you can share as much as you feel like.

With lightbulbs, belly laughs, tears and HUGE realisations that won’t happen in your day to day life with all the pressure, expectations and responsibilities.

The investment for a VIP day with me is £1,497 and we’ll be working for 2 and a bit days so that’s nearly £3,000 worth of my magic, but don’t worry it’s nowhere near that.

You’ll be having 2 and a bit days of Nic magic, in my passion and purpose and in my beautiful home.

You’ll go home with clarity on WHO you are and WHAT you want with a plan to get there to make 2019 your best year yet.

Oh and having had some precious YOU time, relaxing and being spoiled. What price do you put on feeling CLEAR and FOCUSED?

The investment is £897 for the weekend for your own double room. 

Numbers are limited to 4 ladies maximum and places go really quickly. So it really is first come, first served with this so if it feels good for you act quickly. 

Time for a change? …. You’re Invited to spend time on YOU

So if you know you want to be in Cornwall in 2019 to spend some time on YOU in my beautiful home let’s get your place confirmed.

If this feels right for you and sound like something you’d love then click on the link to book your place.

If you’d feel more comfortable with a payment plan, please just drop me a message on Facebook.

Once you made your investment you’ll be invited to fill out a detailed questionnaire. So I can get a really good view on where you are now and make sure there is a good fit across the team of ladies.

I’m so excited to welcome you to this life-changing weekend just for YOU – the Prosecco on ice and the pasties warm your arrival 😉

§ bgytHow Much is the investment and When Is It? 

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