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StrongHer Will Help Get Clarity on Who YOU Are and What YOU Want to Lead a Calmer, More Balanced and Happier Life… Here’s Why:

  • If you’re a lady who… seemingly has so much to be happy with and grateful for but feels LOST and OVERWHELMED by your never ending to do list.
  • OR is so busy LOVING and LOOKING after everyone else in your life that you have NO TIME, LOVE or ENERGY left for YOU.
  • OR is feeling embarrassed about how you look, judging yourself daily by the number on the scales, hating to look in the mirror and avoiding family photos.
  • OR has lost CONNECTION with their partner and now gets dressed in the dark as you feel ASHAMED of your body like you’ve “let yourself go.”
  • You’re NOT connecting or feeling happy with your life despite all you have. You know you should feel happy but in truth you’ve never truly accepted yourself.
  • So you keep looking outwards, comparing to others and thinking “I’ll be happy when …”
Then you’re invited to experience a DIFFERENT approach, PROVEN to get you to STOP and spend time on YOU …

This is NOT the latest nutrition or training plan, there’s no fads, gimmicks or quick fixes. There are no shakes, pills or wraps.

It goes much DEEPER than that and it’s all done with LOVE.

Here’s the THING: 

YOU have ALL the answers you’ll ever need
YOU don’t NEED rescuing, fixing or mending.
YOU just need some help and love to KNOW, LOVE and BE you. And be shown that you have ALL that you need right now.

That’s what StrongHer is designed to do, lovingly and compassionately help you truly KNOW YOU ARE ENOUGH.

That’s IT.  SIMPLES.

I’ll show you the SIMPLE steps to take focus on YOU and truly to get to KNOW you and create happiness and confidence from the INSIDE.

To feel truly alive and live a FECK yes life. To truly KNOW you’re ENOUGH and trust yourself as a wife, mum, daughter, friend, colleague and business owner BUT more so for YOU.

Here are the simple, proven 3 steps created to get you there:

KNOW yourself – Have courage to know WHO you are and WHAT you want from life.
LOVE yourself – Learn to accept and LOVE all your amazingness that everyone else sees.
BE yourself – Day to day little ninja tips to BE you and stay on track to create the life you love.

As A Woman, I know It Isn’t Always Easy…

My background is in corporate marketing and the gym world so I’ve seen daily how hard women are on themselves. The pressure to look a certain way and follow the right way means that you are always looking for the next thing to make youhappy

“I’ll be happy when … get the job, set up the business, lose the weight, find the guy, have the baby ….” I could go on.

The focus on how they look also means that they don’t focus on how they feel. So they keep “failing” on diets and training plans, getting frustrated and blaming themselves that they’re still not happy.

Time for a NEW way – a Revolution

All this means that it is time to focus on a NEW way, that starts with YOU. And helps YOU to understand yourself at a different level. So you can let go of day-to-day worries, enjoy life more and bounce back more quickly when life sends challenges your way.

Oh and finally understand what’s going on in your brain with my Noggin Knowledge. Creating certainty within YOU, the unique and simple way for women like us to shine more brightly in the world.

Allow Me to Introduce Myself

I’m Nicola Buckley, a woman with a high flying 16-year corporate marketing career and the founder of the StrongHer Movement that has helped over 500 women across the globe.  A woman at 39 is the healthiest and happiest I’ve been. A woman who is creating her dream life and helping other women like us to do the same.

With the hundreds of women I’ve worked with the biggest thing in each of their stories that they share is just ONE thing. That means they feel STUCK, LOST and that they’re not HAPPY it’s just one common feeling…

“I’m not ENOUGH.” 

Enough of what? 
• Happy enough, never quite smiling fully and accepting themselves or enjoying life
• Thin enough, judging yourself by the number on the scales and if your clothes fit.
• Successful enough, you chase the next promotion, bigger house and nicer car
• Good enough, you ALWAYS want to be better, but this means you don’t enjoy TODAY.
• Sexy enough, you get dressed in the dark for fear of your partner seeing you. 

The Good News is…

You’re not ALONE. I’ve worked with Board Directors, Founders of amazing businesses, mums, corporate high flyers and experts. It’s there in them ALL. 

I GET IT. I’ve seen it in every lady I’ve worked with in some shape or form. AND I still have those challenges day to day. So I’ve made it my mission to help women know that they’re ENOUGH.

I’m known for my StrongHer Revolution (the revolutionary online way to a happier and healthier life), my 121 coaching programmes and VIP Days for women who want a faster or more intimate approach and my workshops and retreats for women to share their experiences.

I’m here to show you how to find your own answers to live a more content and happier life and enjoy the here and now. And I also teach ALL my clients Noggin Knowledge the secrets ways to supercharge their own supercomputer, their brain.

Why Listen to Me? Here’s Six Reasons!

I’m a woman who has experienced her own fair share of heartbreak and challenges. From a marriage breakdown, depression and anxiety, a cheating ex, disordered eating and a failed first business. So I get that life isn’t always easy.
I know how to KISS … well yes that one BUT I like to Keep It StrongHer Simple and break it down into easy to do steps that don’t take over your life. I understand how busy you are and help you to find your own pace.
I’ve featured on Sky, the BBC, Channel 5 and more recently Ben Coomber’s podcast sharing knowledge and expertise. So I’m a known expert in my field.
I’ve invested over £30k in the last 4 years to learn from the world’s leading coaches, Dax Moy in neuroscience, Ben Coomber in nutrition and Dan John in the strength world.
I‘ve learned how to put myself at the front and centre of my own life. So much so I’m the healthiest and happiest I’ve been at the age of 39. This is down to the Noggin Knowledge I’ve learnt over the last 2 years from becoming a MindMap Master working with Dax Moy.
I’ve successfully led the StrongHer Training Hub to become one of the UK’s leading female fitness businesses, helping 200 plus women over our 18 months in our Reading studio.
But It Wasn’t Always So Easy

When I started StrongHer I had just got back from a month in Thailand and financially had no choice but to make it work! After my first business failed I had to make it work. I knew that if I focused one me I would trust and believe in myself more and make it a success. Oh and do the work consistently.  And I was right!

Where’s My Passion Come From

Here’s my philosophy: A loving and happy life starts with you and comes from within.

That’s probably NOT a surprise but most women don’t have any time or energy for themselves. It breaks my heart when AMAZING women struggling to see all they bring to the world. And I know a little time focused on then THEM and some SIMPLE changes to their thinking can change their life in a heartbeat.

Because of this, I wanted to help other women with simple ways to stop struggling and start living a happy and true life.

If you’re ready to know, love and be YOU, here’s your first step…

Sign up for my 14 Day xxx Challenge (it’s FREE) and you’ll get a daily ninja tips, cuppa challenges that take the time to have a cuppa and resources that will make the entire process easy and doable.


Want to know more about what is like to work with me?

Here’s what a few of the AMAZING ladies I’ve worked with had to say. These ladies have changed careers, started businesses, moved houses, and moved to new countries flourished in relationships and on their own.

But they’ve all learnt to put themselves first and spend some time on THEM to get to know who they truly are. The results have been life changing, more than I ever dared hope and so proud of the changes these ladies are creating in their lives.

I was pretty stressed and let lots of things get to me. I made time for me and this, I learnt to let go, it also made me look at me and I’ve started to accept me for who I am. The biggest thing for me was learning to let go and not worry about the things I couldn’t control, this was like a huge weight being lifted off me, I’m so much happier now. Victoria

Mum and High Flyer

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