I KNOW right, today marks a year since we went into our first lockdown! 

What seemed incredibly alien and scary at the time is now the norm. We’ve got REALLY good at staying in, and working remotely, not by choice but because we’ve had to. 

Trackies, Netflix and Loungewear for the win! We’ve had to make it work, working from home, homeschooling, no contrast at weekends, no travel and having limited time with our loved ones. 

In the corporate world, a sea of constant change. 

  • Working from home on the dining table, children, pets and partners staring in meetings.  
  • Teams being furloughed, pay cuts being the norm and feeling grateful for having a job still. 
  • Less boundaries than ever, your colleagues glimpsing your life on zoom. 
  • Feet more used to slippers than heels, no work wardrobe and lounge wear being in vogue! 
  • Firefighting to keep profit rolling in, trying to meet super human demands of your stressed boss. 

A year of fighting to keep businesses alive and hope for the future. Plus the uncertainty of what’s coming up. 

If you’re depleted, disillusioned and thinking WTAF happened you are NOT alone! 

Has this year been an awakening or a sh*tstorm for you?

When you reflect back do you see the last year as an awakening or sh*tstorm? I must admit I’ve had days I’ve felt both of these.

… Being an empath I feel it ALL!

For me it’s the shakedown of the tree that we needed, to wake up to life. AND seeing the conscious and subconscious bias that is so evident in corporate world. 

Lesson 1: Women Have Borne the Brunt of Lockdown

Through this I’ve seen women stepping in more and more, bearing the brunt of this world changing year.

  • Working harder and harder, the stuff no one wants to do, with no more support or resources.
  • Taking on bigger roles and more responsibility, yet with a pay cut or nothing more and still undervalued.
  • Juggling homeschooling and childcare with the demanding day job, and no boundaries between work and home.
  • Exhausted, tired of the uphill struggle to be heard and appreciated and the relentless loss of freedom.

This is NOT just a sense of feeling I have, it’s been widely reported in the last year, the facts are stark. 

Women have borne the brunt of lockdown, women have suffered disproportionately. More women have lost their jobs, been furloughed, or been on the front-line at risk without adequate pay in caring professions. Women have felt the burden of working from home, trying to juggle household and caring responsibilities. Women have also struggled financially with earning less and not having savings plus single parents households are mainly women, and with their mental health

Again this can either now be an awakening or sh*tstorm, the inequalities and lack of parity is stark, and I don’t think ignored any longer!

INSPIRED ACTION: How do you feel you’ve been impacted this year as a woman in the corporate world?

Lesson 2: Brave Boundaries 

With lockdown after lockdown and offices being, we’ve needed to create some brave boundaries to separate our work and home. 

This is the opportunity for a revolution in flexible working, but it will take some consideration to make it work as everyone’s needs are different. 

The normal commute to the office and getting in the car, has been replaced with a sit down at a desk and log into zoom!


The days are blurring together and those office chats over a cuppa have been lost, that sense of team and camaraderie doesn’t carry onto zoom!

I’ve spoken to women who have taken their phones to the loo for fear of being “found Out” not working. And working longer hours to fit in with colleagues or peers who take time for family and then log back in. 

INSPIRED ACTION: What brave boundaries do you need to put into place to honour work AND home? What do you need to say NO to? 

Lesson 3: Work is NOT everything

I’ve worked with MANY incredible women this year, who want to change their lives with so much time to reflect. And losing the things you LOVE, it’s been a time of reflection and really seeing what’s important.

And for some even the realisation around their health, having had COVID 19 or losing family or friends. 

Life is to be lived NOW, live to work and not work to live has been a powerful lesson for so many.

INSPIRED ACTION: What is important to you? What is your passion? What do you LOVE? 

Lesson 4: Mental health above ALL 

I’ve really struggled at points this year, the last few months I’ve struggled with the worst anxiety I can ever remember. Working and living at home, there’s been no separation and not seeing family or friends and limited time outside … for me created huge anxiety and a sense of time slipping away. 

If you think about it, it’s been like being a prisoner for a year! We’ve done a one year home jail sentence .. Orange is the New Black anyone? Yes we’ve had periods of normality, but all to brief before being taken away again. 

And the stats show that we’re facing a mental health crisis, I’ve seen it at all ages .. my parents worried they’re missing precious time, children not seeing friends, teenagers not having all those important first experiences.

We’re born for love and connection, our biggest need is to be loved! And this year it’s been available in only ways with less connection.

INSPIRED ACTION: How have you helped look after your own mental health? What helps clear your mind? What works for you?

Lesson 5: We can do HARD things 

Above all we’re here still doing, moving forward at the pace we can. Some days ready to take on the world and be superwoman, over days fighting to get out from under the safety of the duvet. 

We can do hard things. Never have we been asked, individually and collectively to sacrifice so much. Yet we’ve done it. 

The truth is.

There’s no guide book or instruction manual.

Any experience to refer back to or reference point.

So really we’re all just feeling our way through it. Doing the best we can.

Day by day.

Hour by hour.

Minute by minute.

Yet you have a choice over how we come out of this. 

You can’t control this worldwide pandemic but you CAN chose how to respond.

If your choice is to look back at this year with hope, passion and purpose BIGGER than ever.

INSPIRED ACTION: What hard things have you done? How can you celebrate your wins? Getting through this year? 

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BIg love

Nic x

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