Are you a deeply feeling women?  

I feel DEEPLY, it’s a blessing and at times a curse. I can at times generate incredible energy and tune into my wonder woman I want to change the world Nic. At other times I am a hot mess of emotions, lost in my own big brain! 

Even until a few weeks ago, my anxiety was the most all-consuming it had been in years. It was leading me and blocking me from feeling into my heart or listening to my head to see the truth. 

And so many women right now are feeling DEEPLY all the emotions. We’re a year into lockdown in the UK and each of us has our own story to tell, each in the same storm but different boats. 

The last year has been FUCKING hard, relentless and taken its toll on all of us… 

I work with women in the corporate world, many of them leaders and working in HR. This year has been like no other, it’s been endless firefighting, making last minute plans work and then trying to keep the team together to deliver a now seemingly irrelevant strategy in an ever changing world.

Add to that working from home with boundaries more blurred than ever, add a dash of home schooling and a slurp of being isolated from family and friends. 

The world is more alight with feelings than ever before now. It’s time to embrace ALL your feelings and become an empowered deeply feeling woman. 

I get it’s not easy and right now might feel exhausting and the corporate world has never felt a place of welcome for high or deep emotions. 

It’s time to change that. 

Start today with sharing my 5 myths of being a deeply feeling woman in the corporate world. 

Also have a read of my blog, 8 Ways to Thrive as an Empath in the Corporate World… if you’re deeply feeling it’s likely you’re an empath. 

Here’s my Truth about Feelings 

Here’s one of the best definitions I can find for feelings…

“Feelings are the language of the soul if you want to know what’s TRUE for you about something, look to see how you feel about it.”

So here’s what I believe to be true about feelings…

💡 They are not there to hurt you.

💡 They are not there to give you pain.

💡 They are not there to cause you harm.

💡 They are not there to make you uncomfortable.

Instead they are a friend tapping you on the shoulder.

Trying to get your attention and show you the truth.

When we ignore them, it’s like ignoring a fire alarm and the fire will keep popping up until you focus on it.

They’re like a warning light in a car.

An indicator.

Or a nudge to focus in on something that NEEDS your love and attention.

5 Myths of being a Deeply Feeling Woman in the Corporate World

Let’s start to unpick these:

  1. There is no right or wrong with feelings 

It’s simply how you feel. Your feelings are your truth FOR YOU, that is not to be debated or argued but the more you know how you feel the more you can stand firm in them.

Action: Ask yourself daily how do I feel today, that is connection to YOU before the emails and zoom meetings. 


  1. Being vulnerable is NOT weak it’s strong, connective and inspiring 

Please right now go and look up Brene Brown, and her book Dare to Lead. It’s a new way to lead from the heart, with courage and vulnerability. In leading from our hearts we show up truly as ourselves 

Action: When you react to something, like your boss really pissing you off, sit with it and ask… what’s the trigger here? What am I making this mean about me? 

  1. To be an inspiring lead we don’t need ALL the answers and to always KNOW. 

True leaders keep an open and curious heart, that don’t lead with dictating how it MUST be done but allow their team to own how they deliver what is needed AND are open to improving, refining and always learning. 

Action: What can you be more open to and curious with? How can you let go of how it MUST be done?

  1. It is wrong to show emotions at work 

In your emotions is your truth and how you feel, embracing that is empowering who you really are. But is that emotion FOR work about work or about something else? 

Action: Daily, check in how you feel so you start the day with a clean slate of feelings and not stuck in feeling hangovers. 

  1. Being oversensitive or overemotional makes you unreliable

Allow yourself time to investigate and be curious about some of those feelings that come up again and again. Your feelings are empowering when we know the message they are delivering, and we can harness that energy. 

Action: Embrace your feelings, dark and light acknowledge them by speaking writing or sharing.

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BIg love

Nic x

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