You’re feeling so depleted and tired you can’t think, yet you know your team needs you to be strong AND the business needs you to do some tough things right now. 

For months you’ve been firefighting, working from home so the boundaries are more blurred than ever.  Your energy is through the floor, you’re struggling with brain fog and just feel ground down by it all. 

You know you need to make a change, but you’re too tired to know where to start. 

… I get it I’ve been there and burnt out, it has led to slow start to the year and changing my business to allow that pausing for breath. 

I’m an empath

Since I was a little girl I’ve always been sensitive, I cried watching ET so much that my mum had people round her at the cinema if I was okay. 

Growing up, I’d have sleepless nights worrying about my friends and remember the day I got my A levels, and the grades to go to Sheffield … my first choice. I spent the afternoon ringing around universities for my bestie who hadn’t got what she needed. 

In my corporate world past life, I spent 16 years being given feedback that I was “over sensitive” OR “overreacting” … and OMG did I take that personally! I’d carry it with me so heavily for weeks! Feeling judged and like I’d failed, when really it wasn’t true. 

About 3 years ago, I had a difficult time, losing my dog, moving home to Cornwall, a difficult process to buy my beach house … that I turned to a different form of help. An incredible distance reiki practitioner. And from the moment she tuned into me, she told me I was an empath. 

I’ve spent years understanding how to manage it. How to make the most of this ability to be heart to heart with people and NOT drain myself! 

What is an empath? 

How I describe it is that you’re an emotional lightning rod for emotions, yours, and other peoples …even the world. I believe it’s a gift in many ways yet can also be draining and at times scary.

Are you an empath? 

You can read a room from the energy in it. You feel this huge sense of what’s going on in the world. You can KNOW how other people are feeling before they even speak. You have this overwhelming urge to heal and help the world. You find it hard to shake emotions. You cry at a TV programme and real FEEL it. 

I work with many incredible women in the corporate world and so many of them are highly sensitive and empaths. Even if they don’t know it yet. 

Here’s a great video from Brene Brown to help you get more of a sense of being an empath. 

How to Thrive as an Empath in the Corporate World? 

  1. Be mindful of your own energy

Know the days you have more or less and give yourself what you need that day. Support yourself on more intense days.


  1. Who’s feeling are you in?

Check in, is this my feeling OR my partners or team? If it’s not yours come back to your hand on heart, breathe and reset. Back to you.

  1. Clear your feelings

Feel them let yourself be in it not in a victim way but owning it, giving it a name and recognising them Then finish them by releasing through writing or releasing however feels good to you.

  1. Own your diary

Be mindful of days that will drain your energy e.g. a day of hard conversations or really intense work. Create space either side of it. And change your diary if you’re already feeling like it’s too much. 

  1. Clear your emotions at the end of the day

Do what helps you clear them down and not take them home e.g. for me it’s exercise, a long shower, a walk with dog, time in the sun.

6. Give yourself time to react

Rather than just respond from the emotional place e.g. pause, and don’t feel pressure to reply there and then if you need to release the feelings first. 

7. YOU first

Set yourself up with feel good foundations, so what YOU need most in the week first is to make that the foundations of your diary.

7. Share your emotions when you need to

So release with writing, speaking or sharing … think about what works for you. 

In summary… own your emotion and energy and decide where and how you want to spend and invest it. As an empath we naturally expend more of both AND with the world being heavy that is more than ever right now.

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BIg love

Nic x


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