“It’s important to remember we all have magic in us.” – JK Rowling

We all LOVE magic? Being able to believe in the impossible and not truly knowing how a magic trick was done.

It’s entrancing and we LOVE that moment of WOW how did they just do that?! In my mind it’s gives us all hope that there is more to this world than what we know and what can be explained.

We all have MAGIC within us we truly do. Whether you can see it right now or not.

Not the doves flying, rabbits out of hats and being cut in half magic.

BUT how you make people feel, the combination of our skills, abilities and what we can effortlessly do that makes others feel happy or loved or just a little better.

Your Magic at Work

AND the impact you can have at work, to drive positive change, to lead from your heart and show it’s strong to be vulnerable.

When you find your magic, it’ll give your fire back… that time you’ve felt in love with work and like you could do anything.

That time you pulled off the impossible project.

Or when you blew the socks off your CEO in your board presentation.

Or when you WON that argument making a HUGE change for the better.

Do you remember that feeling? Or does it feel long lost under pressure, responsibility and the uphill battle constantly proving yourself?

If you lost that loving feeling, lost your magic on the hamster wheel of doing more and more to prove yourself. You’ll start to feel disillusioned, resentful and frustrated, “I don’t see the point anymore?”

And start to care less, and start to cruise.

Your magic is the way back to your FIRE and impact, time to fall back in love with work so you can inspire others and create true change.

Let’s go.

What is your Magic?

Let’s start with a definition….

Your magic is “The thing that you do, in only the way YOU do it that has a big impact on other people and the world.”

Why is it so hard to own your Magic?

You might not be seeing your magic right now, that’s fairly common for female leaders here’s why.

It’s TOO easy for you. Your comfort zone is working hard, doing more… you’ve grown up with a hard work mentality. So you underestimate what is easy for you.

“Nobody likes a bragger” – You grew up being told, that arrogance is a bad thing and being told not to brag or be a “big head.”

“Little girls should be seen and not heard” – Growing up from a generation when little girls should be in the back ground, quiet, polite and not cause trouble. Be the “good girl.”

My magic I only discovered in the last few years is threefold:

1) Meeting people where they are, sitting in the dark with them if needed.
2) Speaking and storytelling in a simple but compelling way to inspire others. 3) Creating exciting plans and strategy of creating what you want not need.

^^^ I never used to see it, I used to downplay it and in corporate world I was told if I could just be a little less of me and a little quieter I’d do so much better!

Well fuck that! Now I get rewarded, with finances and fulfilment for being ME in all my MAGIC!

Finding your magic I believe gives you:

More of being YOU and less comparison with your peers.
A happier life doing things you love and less chasing the next thing.
A BIGGER impact on the world and those round you, you’re on fire!
Know that’s there MORE for you! That BIGGER role to play.

Women in their magic, feeling on fire WILL drive the change that is so needed in corporate world.

Time for you to become one of them.

5 Steps to Being in Your Magic

Here we go 5 steps I’ve taken to finding my own magic and also for my clients.

1) Write An I am Fucking Awesome List

At the top of a blanket sheet of paper, write who I already am. Then write down all the wins you have in life, things you’ve achieved or got through.

2) Who Were You

Pick your top three and then consider WHO were you when you were doing this. What were you saying, thinking, feeling and doing.

3) Feelings

Add to that a dash of emotion so ho were you feeling when you were winning and at your best.

4) Fulfilment

Where are your biggest rewards? What gives you the most joy? And what makes your heart feel happy? .. When did you last feel on fire?

Do more of that…

Yes really it is that simple, use the say, think, feel and do model and then do more of that.

Super simple to get started! So what is your magic .. reply below and let me know!

Big love

Nic x


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Big love

Nic x