“I know what I need to do but don’t seem to be able to do it.”

Do you have an area of your life you’re struggling with right now? Maybe a relationship isn’t where you want it to be. Or you don’t seem to be able to stay on plan with your healthy eating and training. Or you’re not growing your business as you don’t have clarity.

Firstly I’ve experienced all these and that frustrating feeling is not a great way to love your life. You might feeled annoyed and frustrated at yourself. So I’m here to tell you 2 amazing things today.

  • It’s NOT your fault and why
  • How to work WITH your brain to create what you want.

I LOVE this stuff, all the Noggin Knowledge as it’s all the powerful realisations and lesson that help you know it’s NOT your fault. For me it combines my two biggest views on life. The passion from my heart and the logic from my corporate days, combining those two into Noggin Knowledge changed my life. To bring me more peace and contentment than ever before.

Why I LOVE Noggin Knowledge?

  • You’re a human who is being

You can start to see what is YOU being YOU, and where you are just being a human.

“You’re just a human who is being,” is what I say to so many of the ladies I work with, so they can start to see that they’re just letting their brain run the show.

  • Stop the name calling

You can STOP calling yourself names. Lazy, weak, stupid, lacking confidence … you just don’t know what you don’t know.

  • Let go of judgment

It explains why you say, think, feel and do certain things that don’t serve you. So you can be FREE of guilt, blame or judgment on yourself.

  • You can supercharge your life

By knowing, understanding and working WITH your brain. Once you know what it needs you can nurture it to get whatever you want in life.

  • You truly get to know YOU

To give the brain what it needs you’ll need to truly get to know yourself, the light and the dark the negatives and postives, it’ll all become part of you and you’ll start to accept where you are.

  • It combines passion and logic

2 areas of my magic combined into one, no need to say anything else.

Karen’s story: The Power of Neuroscience of Change

I wanted to show you the power of Noggin Knowledge he story of my best ever client, Karen.

When I met Karen 4 years ago she was in a dark place. She was 35, newly single and in a fast paced corporate career where the rewards were only matched by the pressure.

Karen felt stuck and lost. She had tried every diet going, every diet plan, a counselor and CBT and she had spent thousands. Yet she was suffering more than her heart could take. When I met her I saw a woman of amazing potential caught tightly in her own web of lies, negative speak and regrets about the past and fears for her future.

Karen was suffering from severe anxiety and depression; she was on antidepressants and truly didn’t want to live anymore. She had thought of ending it all, but couldn’t bare to think of the pain that she would cause. She was a lost soul, just having come out of a divorce to her university sweetheart and having just failed in her first business. She was desperate to be a mum and chased guys to make her happy and bring that opportunity to life.

Karen was also ashamed of what she saw in the mirror and hated her body, she was unforgiving and relentless in punishing her body to lose that extra stone she didn’t want. She didn’t know how anyone could ever love her as she didn’t love herself.

Karen had ALL that she ever wanted, from the outside looking in she had the convertible parked on the drive, the beautiful house she’d bought after her divorce, a group of party friends, she went on 3-4 BIG holidays a year and she was a lady that lunched at weekends after spending hundreds shopping. She had it ALL yet she felt NONE of it. She was broken and hearting. She didn’t know who she was, she had never truly known who she was.


To her a successful day was getting dressed and going to work. That was as much as she could muster the energy to do. She was constantly tired, woke each day feeling sick and anxious, had zero sex drive and didn’t recognise herself in the mirror.


That’s when she met me and things started to change.


Over the 4 years we worked together, we took a unique approach to her challenge:

  • Eat with LOVE – know what to eat to feel great and fall back in love with food, no more good or bad food just more energy and clarity.
  • Move more and train with LOVE – We helped her train in the gym, she lifted weights and feel in love with how good she felt. Plus she got out more walking her dog and learnt to listen to what her body needed.
  • Head and heart Clarity – I taught her all I know about the neuroscience of change, she slowly started to find clarity, which gave her focus and as things started to improve she also found a new belief and self confidence.


The BIG change came in Karen truly getting to know, love and be herself. She blossomed before my eyes. And NOW … she’s an amazing lady who lights up the lives of so many, she’s got this energy that inspires others and an infectious smile and that laugh WOW!


If you hadn’t guessed by now.


Karen is ME. J I have been my own biggest client, experiment and success story.


And I’m so proud of my journey over the last 4 years. I’m loving where I am right now in my beautiful house by the sea and so excited for my future. One with lots of travel, working in my magic and a family and an amazing guy when the time is right. Oh and no doubt another little dog.



So how did I do it? I learnt how to work with my brain, the Brain hacks to happiness that I share below and that all my clients learn about. The only way out of where you are now is IN, getting to know you and your brain is the path to happiness.



The 5 Super Simple Brain Hacks:

 1) The Brain’s Job

The brain’s job is survival above ALL else. If you wake up tomorrow the brain has done it job. So it’s not really interested in making you happy, it keeps you alive. It’s a pattern recognition machine so LOVES routine and patterns.

What does it mean for you?

Create as much prediction and response in your life as you can, to keep the brain stress free. For example with nutrition and training create a routine that works for you and start with what you KNOW you can do.

 2) What the Brain Needs

The brain has a negativity bias so it’s always on the look out for anything out of routine or pattern. It’s always highlighting things that it thinks will put us in harms way. So to make sure that you survive it zeros in on the negative.

What does it mean for you?
This means that we need to start to retrain the brain for the positive over the negative. So each day count your daily wins, list out 3 wins for each day.

 3) 3 Brains in 1 Brain

Our brains went through 3 stages of evolution to be what we know it is today. It’s a resource intensive, amazing pattern recognition machine weighing about 6 pounds and creating up to 60,000 thoughts a day for women. These 3 brains each need different things BUT the important bit to know is that we can’t be at our happiest if we don’t satisfy the needs of the first two brains.

What does it mean for you?

Brain 1: Animal Brain: Needs as much certainty as possible through prediction and response.

Brain 2: Mammalian Brain: Needs social connection, love and care.

Brain 3: Human Brain: The home of YOU as such, for learning, development and self fulfillment.

 4) The Danger of Time Travel

The brain is at it’s happiest when we are in the now. It’s the only time we’re really us, can affect change and be calm and content. You’ll know you’re in the now as you’ll feel your heart rate nice and steady, you’ll feel engrossed in what you’re doing and feel calm and in control.

What does it mean for you?

If we’re not in the now, we’re in the past or future. Past you’ll be thinking I wish I hadn’t said/done that. Future you’ll be thinking what happens if. Either of these mean you’re not truly present and living in the now so can’t be truly happy.

 5) How to Create a Happier Brain.

The brain is resource heavy and needs certain things to be at it’s best and for you to be happy. 5 things to get started:

  1. Drink 2 litres of water a day – to keep the brain fully hydrated.
  2. Get 8 hours of sleep a night – to give the brain time to heal and repair itself.
  3. Eat a good balanced diet –Have fats, proteins and carbs in each meal.
  4. Practice gratitude daily – Each day find 3 things you’re grateful for.
  5. Journal daily – Truly get to know how you feel, by journaling each day.

Simples right? But not easy, if it was we’d all be doing it and have the happiest of lives. So start with ONE thing to make a change.

Ready to make a change?

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