What I Learnt from 8 Amazing ladies, A Butler in The Buff and a Small White Dog


Yep ALL of us in a BIG house in the country, sounds likes a dodgy weekend away with keys in the bowl!!


Not quite …


So this weekend I had the pleasure of taking 8 ladies to Bath for the second Heroine Within retreat. 8 ladies who stuck their hand up and asked for help, they just needed some time away to find out who they were and what they wanted.


They needed some time to just focus on THEM. And WOW the power of this weekend was immense. I knew it was amazing as I’ve been through it myself. My programme is for ME firstly and it’s from my heart.


Yes I was leading the retreat BUT I still learnt so much. I truly believe in the power of being AWAY from day to day life, responsibilities and pressures to just focus on YOU.


So here are 10 powerful things I learnt this weekend with the help of 8 ladies, a small white dog and a Butler in the Buff.


10 things to help you know who you are and what you want. How do I know these and can share them knowing they work, because they work for ME. J


  1. Make time just for YOU

If you never make time for YOU you never get to STOP, COLLOBORATE and listen lol! In the day to day we’re so busy we’re just DOING we’re not thinking and feeling. We’re not letting ourselves look forward and create the vision of what we want.


The power is in making time to STOP and step away from the competing demands on you to just BE. Away from work, family, home and children … the treadmill life that we can all end up in.

^^^ That I’ve ended up in a few too many times now … WORKING my way out of my issues.

It’s only in that slow downed time to ourselves we truly get to see the future and create what we really want.


Question: When do you make time for YOU?


  1. You don’t need to be PERFECT just be YOU

We’re always searching for this idea of perfection and we’ve been shown these unrealistic ideas of how we should as women. The perfect body, then the high flying career so we can buy whatever we want, the dream partner and then the beautiful house and family. There’s no room for just BEING, we’re too busy trying to be perfect and achieve the unachievable.


Here’s a top tip … you cannot fail at being YOU. Loving what you LOVE, LAUGHING at what you find funny and BEING you. Showing up as that amazing lady daily. For me that includes being a bit of a pervert, having a HUGE filthy laugh, hugs and love always first and a real honesty to share my good and down days.


WELL TBH FECK THAT. Perfectionism is a myth, nothing it truly perfect. No one’s life is perfect no matter what they post on Facebook. So just be YOU.


Question: Do you know who you are? Do you like who you are?


  1. The power of a team

I had an AMAZING team with me all weekend, Lamorna as my right hand lady and amazing coach herself. Our chef that prepped some great food for us AND then the Sam dog with his love and hugs.


BUT above all the power was from the ladies sharing. The environment was so OPEN and honest that it blew me away. AND so full of love, that we all shared our darkest fears. That was the power of the team … knowing that other ladies have been and are going through similar struggles. That they’ve got your back and only want to help you.


Question: Who’s on your team? And who are the five people you are spending the most time with?


  1. Have fun

Yes really. What are your fun buttons and are you pressing them? Your life is now and I can get so very serious that I stop having fun so now I make a point of making it fun. Did I need to have a Butler in the Buff at the retreat NO. Did I want one and thought it would be fun YES. And it was.


For me, fun is one of my showing up words. It’s part of what I want to share with the world and bring to the ladies I work with. The ability to be like a child and follow those passions from when you are young will only help you know who you are. What are the passions no longer in your life? STOP THE ADULTING … no one died saying they wish they’d be more grown up.


Question: Where is the fun in your life? Are you over adulting?


  1. Trust the process

You won’t know yourself in a day, a week or even a month. It takes time, work and challenges to overcome. It’s not a straight line from A to B and don’t assume you’ll be happy when you get there. Instead enjoy the process and trust it’ll work. The Heroine Within Programme is designed in a way to flow and build as it runs.


BUT the power of knowing who you are and what you want is unstoppable. You become your own point of consistency in a crazy world. You become your own anchor once you know your own values and beliefs. Plus add to that knowing what you want and WOW you become unstoppable. Yes there will be tough time. Yes there will be challenges that take you off track. BUT you can always come back to YOU once you know who you are.


Question: Do you really know who you are? Are you prepared to do the work



  1. Connect and share


The retreats we hold are full of AMAZING ladies with gifts that they’re not sharing with the world. They’re beautifully weird and we love them for it. In sharing the experiences and stories on the retreats you will feel loved, supported and brave enough to share more and more. From there you can grow and look at the dark areas you normally ignore. There’s no judgement or shame just love and helping you move forward.


Friendships form that last for a lifetime and through the dark and the light. You have a whole group of ladies that aren’t part of your day-to-day life who see ALL that you are. ALL the amazing power and strength you have. You’re got a team who have your back now and GET YOU.


  1. Challenge yourself

Fear just means two things:

False Evidence Appearing Real


Fuck Everything and Run

To me now fear is just a growing pain, a wake up call to shake you out of your status quo. A sign that you’re becoming MORE as you find out who you are and what you want. Pushing the edges of who you are to become more and have a bigger impact on the world. FECK that’s the exciting stuff, so lean into it and LOVE it.

Question: Where in your life do you challenge yourself and feel that fear a little?

8. Visit beautiful places and be inspired

Let your brain see and explore new places to get inspired. We all know how relaxing it is to go somewhere beautiful on holiday and as we slow down we see so much more. The sunsets, the colour of the sea and the beautiful blue sky that we’re too rushed to see at home.


We always hold our retreats in beautiful places. This weekend was out in the country with no roads and only cows, sheep and each other for company. This will help you see new ways of seeing things and let your world grow bigger.


Question: What places inspire you and charge you up?


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