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The Video that Started it All

Back in March last year I was madly in love, with a guy I thought would be the father of my children. But who turned out to be married to someone else. Even at that point I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror.

I saw the wobbles, the dimpled skin, the cellulite, the tired eyes, the potholes and red marks on my face, my wobbly teeth and that was all I could see.

So much so I put on my best superhero pants and shot a video. Telling the world all the areas I didn’t like. Stood in my pants on show to the world telling them that I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror.


The video got 200+ plus comments and was my most shared ever video. Here it is:


I was applauded for being brave. For sharing my insecurities and how I really felt about my body. I had a weird smile when I was in photos, an awkward do I really have to smile and never really looked after myself well as it would make me look in the mirror.


Yet to others I was slim, toned and beautiful.


But I didn’t see it. ANY OF IT. The imperfections I had were like a magnet to the negative soundtrack in my head.



And NOW…

And now … well I like to be naked at home as much as I can lol! I’m NEVER really out of a bikini on my trips to Thailand. I have my own sense of style and LOVE what I wear.


I look in the mirror and see a trimmed and toned 38 year old with quads that could crush a man and a bum that needs grabbing lol! A two and a half pack on a good day.


I see a smile that lights up the world and giant hair that seems to grow outwards.


I see a wife in waiting ready to be the world to someone and give them all back. Who at the moment is dating as HERself. I see a mum waiting to hold her daughter in her arms who is getting in lots of practicing hugging the heck out of life.

How did I start to see ME?

If a mirror is hurting your soul and disturbing your mind, you don’t have to look at one or own one. I chose to work on loving myself, taking care of myself and building trust in my abilities so that the person you see in the mirror one day is the one that you love to look at. I got to truly know who I was and what I wanted from my life. Simples really. Then the face and body that I saw in the mirror was the one I knew and the one that would get me to my dreams.

I stopped seeing fat, ugly, imperfect, tired and I started seeing ME. Just like I stopped seeing the number on the scales, the money in the bank account or the single women I started seeing ME.


Mirror Mirror on the Wall …

When you look into the mirror remember these few simple things:

  1. You have a voice to speak, a story that the mirror cannot tell in its entirety. It can be deceiving and not show what you are really made of, you’re true strength and passion.
  2. You are the only YOU, you are unique and you have something that no one else will have. Don’t destroy or hide that.
  3. You have a choice to look at (or own) a mirror. It is an object that we have grown to live with but as most materials they are often dispensable.



How to start to see and love YOU

  1. Make a list of 5 positive qualities or traits about yourself. It can be anything from being a great cook, to being a supportive friend, to even your laugh. Think of things that you really like about yourself, that makes you, YOU.
  2. Ask 3 friends or loved ones to tell you ONE THING they most appreciate about you. They can only give you ONE thing. Add each item to your list. 
  3. 3. With this list, go look in the mirror. Yes, do it! As you look in the mirror, tell yourself that you are those things on the list. The person who embodies such qualities is beautiful (or handsome or sexy, whatever you want to use). Who you ARE is what truly makes you  perfect and worthy.

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