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When was the last time YOU felt sexy? When you had that confident strut? And your mojo flowed?

And you had that connection with your partner. The knowing looks, the electric touches and the can’t keep your hands off each other.

You deserve to feel like that again. You want that chemistry BACK. AND it all starts with YOU. 


Where’s your SEXY gone?

The women I work with are so BUSY, putting everyone else first AND being the lynchpin of the family … cooking dinner, planning family events and getting to work.

They’re so busy that they don’t time to relax, stop and FEEL good and being in busy mode just doesn’t help you feel sexy.

Plus they’re not feeling confident enough to want to get they’re sexy back, they get undressed in the dark and avoid date night as they feel like they’ve let themselves go. 

The secret of feeling more sexy for every woman starts with ONE thing.

It’s about moving away from just being in SURVIVAL mode. And moving into thriving where you feel good EVERYday.

We are designed as humans to focus on survival first, from the days of Kevin the caveman. Back then we had dinosaurs and sabre tooth tigers to contend with and finding our own food. There was no Waitrose back then.

So ladies if you’re stressed, tired and feeling run down you are only ever in SURVIVAL mode.

And you can feel it, it’s like ground hog day… You get up, feel tired, rush to sort the kids, rush onto work, back to back meetings and then back home to make the family dinner. But you’re already exhausted.

AND you’ll be telling yourself .. you’re stressed, hectic and overwhelmed … it’s all a bit too much. 

Not a chance of any sexy time tonight.

NOT this year.

You’d settle for a night off. To relax and just chill out. None of THAT. 


It’s the StrongHer Side Effect

To get your sex appeal BACK with a bang. To have your other half not being able to keep his hands off you. 

I even had one client “Nic it’s none stop, 

Oh and as for me … YES I’m single but my sexy is WELL AND TRULY there. So much so I’m known for being a bit of a perv and going out of my way to say hello to handsome strangers. 

^^^ Yes scary but if you don’t try you’ll never know. 


So is it time to get YOUR sexy back? 

We are teaching you the secrets to become a sex pot and a Thriver. You can thank me later. Are you ready?

Here are my top 7 ways tips to get you SEXY back ladies 

Oh and it’s SIMPLES just like me. 

1.Sleep like a baby

Sleeping better will help you feel sexier. Sleep is when your body repairs and you get rid of all those aches and pains. So laptops and phones off at 9pm, relax for an hour in the bath or with a book. Try a Tulsi tea before bed and you’ll sleep soundly.

This is the basis to getting your sexy back. 

2. Plan in some YOU time

Plan in some time just with you and your partner. Go and do the things you love together. Don’t let life just take over but show how much you care and make that time. Get a babysitter or book a lovely day out and treat them.

3. Eat some healthy fats

Our hormones are made from good fats. So to help make more of them eat some good fats, avocados and nuts are great and make a healthy snack. Plus they are filling and will make sure you aren’t as hungry.

4. Don’t sweat the small stuff

Don’t get so worried about the little things. This will make you more stressed and increase your cortisol which means your body won’t make as much of your sexy hormones. Ask yourself will it matter next week, next month or next year if it’s a no don’t worry now.

5. Show appreciation

We get so busy in the day to day we don’t show maybe as much appreciation for our partner. Leading up to date night leave some little notes, cook their favourite dinner or just say thank you to them for being them.

6. Destress and chill out

Being stressed out kills of your sex hormones cortisol the fight or flight hormone takes over … yes I said the s word!

The more relaxed you are the more of these hormones are produced so you will FEEL more sexy. Plus exercise releases feel good hormones called endorphins. If you move more you’ll feel better and you’ll also burn fat.

7. Plan the date night

Get some more YOU time. And book a special date night with your partner. Go to town a little and show them how much you really appreciate them. They’ll love you for it. LITERALLY 😉

So there we go …

It’s a side effect of the StrongHer ladies have often find … sliding back into their skinny jeans, enjoying shopping again AND buying the most naughty of lingerie. 

That FEEL GOOD factor comes back with a BANG. 🙂

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