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So we’re not NORMAL at StrongHer, in fact we’re very proud of not being normal. We believe in showing all women that they are ENOUGH and that they can have fun and a life BUT still feel proud of their body.

We’re not saying go MAD at Christmas and drink your own bodyweight or kiss your boss at the office party (I didn’t do that really!!) BUT we do want you to enjoy yourself.

SO here we go our 3 simple, Shhhhh secret guide how to minimise those hangovers

Okay so I am not expecting you NEVER to drink over Christmas but if you do below is a little secret survival guide to minimise that potential hangover and wipeout the day after.

We work hard to have time with our family so we don’t want time at Christmas with the kids wanting to play and you feeling like your head is being kicked by an entire football team. J

Feel free to share the StrongHer love and forward to friends who like a tipple or two


1) Eat clean, big food and drink plenty water during the day

  1. Eat clean and load up on lots of nutrient dense food during the day of your event. If you get yourself nice and full with clean, whole foods then you are less likely to go mad on the predominantly processed food at the office party. 

Focus on filling up on lean protein from meats, fish and eggs they will make you feel fuller and stop your overeating. 

  1. Try a high protein breakfast is not only great for fat loss but also gives increased energy throughout the a day as well as improved mental focus. 

It is vital during the festive season you try to avoid cravings if you want to avoid weight gain. So eating breakfast is crucial, starving yourself in preparation for a ‘big meal’ isn’t ideal as this will probably just lead to cravings and over eating on poor food choices later on in the day when you do eat. 

  1. Then add in some fresh veg and low sugar fruits to pump your system full of vital vitamins, nutrients ready to fight off that hangover by flushing out those toxins. 

  2. Drink lots of water aswell to make sure you are fully hydrated and all your systems are working well, ready to flush those toxins out. 

  3. You should be aiming to get 1 litre per 25kgs of bodyweight. Make sure it is clean filtered water and add a sprinkle of sea salt to balance electrolytes and deal with the toxic alcohol. Remember a dehydrated system isn’t effective at eliminating toxins like alcohol. 



2) Exercise HARD on the P.A.R.T.Y days:

  1. Just 10 minutes of exercise will help speed up your metabolism, ready for your night out making you less likely to store the alcohol as fat.


Tabata protocol .. 20 seconds on and 10 seconds rest for 4 mins of each of the exercises below, with the aim to keep the number of reps consistent through each o the 8 rounds. Great fat burner done in just 12 mins

1) Squats

2) Press ups

3) Burpees




3) A little help:

  1. Again bicarbonate of soda to help alkalise the body and help to flush out toxins. PERFECT for the day after the night before 

  2. Magnesium –It also helps to relax at bedtime, take between 3-500mgs before bed and avoid oxides. 

  3. Vitamin C – will help minimize free radical damage caused by alcohol and other toxins as well as 
supporting good immune function – aim for a few 1000mgs servings throughout the day. 

  4. Fish oil – great for brain function, immune and heart helps balance out the insulin response from the BIG eating going on. Take within an hour of waking to get the most out of it.



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