Is your day fuelled by coffee? Is it liquid nectar that shakes you awake as it floods through your veins? Do you love the ritual of that first coffee in the morning?   You’ve convinced yourself you “need” it. To kick start your day. To get out of that sleepy, slothy feeling. Shake off the morning-itus. Get your head in the game for another week. Find some  energy and motivation

Well it’s time to think a bit about WHY you need it.    

Corporate land = coffee culture

No getting away from it. I had 16 years of people queuing for, making, talking about it. All the fancy names. Like it was a badge of honour. Being in the coffee gang … in the coffee round.   ….. I was NEVER asked to get them as I could NEVER remember the right names lol!    

ME I was NEVER in it .

(…Not sure I EVER really fitted in…) But don’t like the taste the flavour or anything. Not even the smell.   AND my coffee overdose didn’t help. ^^^^ Did I tell you about that one?  

In my fitness model days, using caffeine as a fat stripper and took an overdose of a caffeine powder. 29 CUPs of COFFEE!   A trip to A&E and a birthday with a come down later. ^^^^NOT advisable lol!    

You’re paying for that coffee habit. You’ll be getting fatter, more tired and not as alert.

I believe in FREEDOM it’s one of my biggest v values and part of what StrongHer does … Helping women like YOU find their own Freedom.  

BUT I also believe in helping to make informed decisions. So here’s what you need to know about coffee and weight loss.    

The daily coffee run makes you sick and fatter

It’s early morning you are probably on your way there now or you’ve already had your first coffee?   I admit I don’t drink coffee, I don’t like the taste, flavour or smell. In fact my ex partner loved it and he had to brush his teeth if he’d been on the espressos!  

Enough Buckley explain yourself.  So I will get a bit sciency for a moment to explain this.    

It’s slows your WEIGHT LOSS   Coffee is a stimulant which means it fires up your cortisol, your fight or flight hormone.  Designed to protect you from the sabre tooth tigers from our cave dwelling days.   BUT when our cortisol is HIGHER it means we go into fat storage mode.  

The body wants certainty around when it will be fed again. It’s our bodies way of again protecting us by adding more fat stores so we can longer without food.   Add onto that coffee is one of the most sprayed crops in the world,  so that coffee is also likely to bring toxins in into our body which will be added to the fat stores.  

So the morning coffee you have to “fire you up”, is MAKING YOU FAT.    

It’s slows your THINKING Cortisol stimulates an increase in heart rate, in readiness to run to safety from the sabre tooth tiger.   So you will feel jittery, maybe a little sweaty and have a higher heart rate. You know that feeling … that on edge   BUT that reduces blood flow to the brain by up to 40%, YEP you heard 40%.

So going into that all important meeting with a coffee in hand you have actively made yourself more STUPID. And you’re NOT stupid but not feeling as alert as you could be.  

It makes you more prone to BUGS and COLDs It also makes you highly acidic, bugs and viruses LOVE a more acidic environment.

You know the colds and bugs that go round the office that you always seem to end up with. That coffee is also making you SICK.  

And you’re PAYING for the pleasure Imagine if you have a coffee a day costing say, £2.70 a day … so that’s £13.50 a week, or £54.00 a month. Add to that the odd “treat” you deserve because  you’ve had a hard day and you “deserve” it. Add to that the odd “round” for the team on a birthday or after a night out.

That’s pretty much £100 a month you are spending to make yourself FAT, STUPID  and ILL.   That’s a fair few family treats right?    Or enough to hire a coach to help you get to where you want to be. 

Making you think about this now?

I’m not some coffee hating, chicken and broccoli eating If you still LOVE your coffee, have one cup a day of great quality, organic coffee.   I want you to be happy and enjoy life, that to me means freedom of choosing.  

Make it a real treat and also save that £100 for something to do with the family, when the kids next say “can we go” you can use your coffee money.    

Right then Buckley how do I stop?

You want a clear head. More money in your pocket. Burn fat. And want to stop or cut right down here’s how we help our ladies.

BTW this is YOUR choice, StrongHer is about helping you to get to where you want to be BUT it’s YOUR journey. 

Then here you go …  

1) Find your why … money, fat burning … FIND that reason. Make these reasons VISIBLE. Maybe even on the cupboard where you keep the coffee.  

2) Drink more water Hydrate yourself with more and more water. Add some lemon to help detox and with the flavour.  

3) Have a plan Set yourself up to win by planning a SLOW phasing out. A WINNING GAME that will work for YOU.   A SUDDEN STOP … will make this much harder.  

4) Spearmint Coffee and mint don’t go. Bit of a flavour clash right? When you feel like a coffee try a strong mint instead. Then a glass of water.  

5) Ask for support Ask your closest peeps for help. If your other LOVES coffee try doing this together. And ask those colleagues to not make you coffee.  

Let me know how you go … thanks to Diane for asking the question. Remember it is YOUR choice, you’re an adult and freedom is one of our values BUT now you can make an informed decision.  

If you DON’T ask you DON’T get. You aren’t alone so just ask for help lovely ladies.  

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