Question from our lovely StrongHer team member Emma, “Help I can’t find time to get my food prepped.”

Firstly a BIG StrongHer thank you to Emma for asking for help on this a really valuable question. She is not alone for sure.

It’s one of the most asked questions we get, “How do I make the time for my food prep.” We know that focusing on food is going to get you 80% of the results you’re looking for.

Think of it like this food is your fuel SO you wouldn’t put unleaded fuel in a diesel car. ^^^^ Although I’m guilty of this at least once. As always there is a story about this.     It’s the key to being YOU again.

A healthy and balanced diet, will help you all of this:

  • Have more energy
  • Feel less bloated
  • Be able to think more clearly
  • Sleep better and feel calmer
  • Not be victim to children’s colds and office lurgies so much
  • Feel more calm and in control

  Focusing on my nutrition and eating healthily in a sustainable way was THE thing that started me on the road out of my depression. The joy of not feeling bloated and having headaches was so powerful.  

Take it a step at a time

After years of yeo yeo dieting it can feel overwhelming and a little scary. So we stick to the basics, the goal for the StrongHer women is good, whole healthy food 80% of the time. We have a StrongHer Diet, Diet we start all our ladies on that has just 10 simple steps we want them to follow.

^^^^ We’ll share that with you lovelies at some point too.

Then when ready we’ll look at calories and macros. So it’s about step-by-step setting in place better habits.

Yes I know it seems boring BUT “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.” Get yourself set up to succeed and get the results you want. AND it doesn’t need to talk ALL your time. Think about it, if you leave decision making on your food to that moment that’s at least 21 decisions a week you’re having to take on the spot.

Couple that time with all the stress that goes with making a IN THE MOMENT decision. Does that serve you? Does that set you up for success? Do you deserve to be more in control and have a plan to get to where you want? … This is why it’s SOOOOO IMPORTANT.  

Read here about the StrongHer 5 tips to save time in the kitchen.

5 Reasons Why Food Prep is So Important To Success Finding that 30 minutes at the weekend or the end of the week is so important. And yes it can be done in 30 minutes, if it feels too much plan a few days at a time.  

  1. You’ll get time back

Your brain is busy, it has a lot to do during a day so having your food planned and prepared will mean one less thing to think about. It helps to take the pressure off and sitting down to plan, takes away the likelihood of making poor choices on the go. Or finishing the children’s dinner.

BUT you won’’t spend so much time with that panic following the question “What’s for dinner love.” The 30 minutes spent planning at the weekend or whenever suits you, means that time spent each day thinking on the spot and maybe panicking a little is gone. Less decisions to make a week and the time to make them is time back for you.  

2) You’ll be less stressed

Let’s face it your week is MANIC and there’s so much to do … work, kids and food is one thing you don’t need to think about. A little pre planning and it won’t be something that adds stress to that hectic week. The week’s I pre plan feel a lot calmer and means I can focus on me and my business, food is then not something I worry about and it feels good.  

3) Your family will support you more

Something I didn’t think about until my clients mentioned it. But the more planning that your family are involved in the more support you’re likely to get from your family. You can get them involved in making choices and chose recipes together.

Or if your partner is the main cook, inspire them with some healthy new recipes. For example if you’re stuck late at work, but you have all the ingredients for dinner ready to go and it’s all listed out. You might get home to find your other half has made a start.

OR they’ll just get the benefit of eating more healthily. ^^^^ Another side effect of StrongHer is the ripple effect on the families of the women who join the team. We’ve have husbands and partners lose as much weight and sometimes more weight.  

4) You’ll save some pennies I went on a major savings drive last year.

I spent a day going through ALL my household bills to save £300 a month, so £3,600 a year. And it felt GOOD. Planning and pre prepping your food will help you be really efficient with buying food to. You can buy in bulk and have the store cupboard essentials ready to go. Here’s the StrongHer Kitchen starter guide.

Eating healthily is assumed to be more expensive but I eat A LOT and very healthily for £40 a week. Have a look for bargains on good quality meat at local butchers or online at places like Muscle Food.

And you won’t be spending money EVERY time you need to eat. Eg coffees at work, lunch out and then stopping at the shop on the way home. You’ll always spend more shopping daily. And even more when you’re hungry.  

5) You’ll eat more mindfully

Pre planning and preparing your food will help you SLOW down and eat more mindfully. Again with life being such a rush we tend to also rush our food. Which means your body’s digestive system doesn’t get to work properly. And you don’t get as much goodness out of foods as we should, meaning we can lack vital minerals and vitamins. It’ll also mean your less likely to snack and make poor food choices at the temptation times of 11am and 3pm. When you’re more likely to be drawn to the snack machine or just grabbing something.  

How to get Started?

It’s simple, like me 🙂

  1. Sit down with a cuppa and 30 minutes free time.
  2. Get you diary out and a recipe book or be online.
  3. Check what you have in the fridge, freezer and store cupboard
  4. Write in the meals for each day and snacks.
  5. Then list out the ingredients.
  6. Shop for ingredients.

^^^^ That’s it. If you feel overwhelmed start with a few days at a time. Try it for a week and you’ll see the difference in your results, your purse and stress levels.  

Ready to get Started?

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