To get in great shape and get away from those years of yeo yeo dieting makes some women feel like they need to become a domestic goddess. Turning out meal after meal of perfect family food.

I LOVE food 

I do enjoy cooking but don’t always feel inspired to cook when it’s just me. I think it used to be part of my old beliefs of not valuing myself enough.

Now I really give food a focus, I love my food and know how good I feel when I eat the good stuff. So that focus on how it makes me feel makes me want to invest my time. AND I know 80% of my results, how I look, feel and my clarity is all down to how I fuel my body. BUT saying that I have a busy life. So I like to be efficient with my time in the kitchen.

5 Tips to Save Time in the Kitchen 

Here’s what I’ve learnt along the way.  

1) Stock the Store Cupboard with The Sexy Stuff

Get that store cupboard or pantry stocked up with the good stuff Coconut oil, olive oil, canola oil, canned beans, canned tomatoes, peanut/almond, salts, other seasonings.  

Making extra trips to the grocery store just before cooking is a time waste and expensive so keep a running pantry staples list on your fridge to replenish your healthy stash in your weekly shop.    

2) Speedy Greens and Veg

Have a stock of greens in the fridge that are speedy to go with any meal. So spinach or kale, that you can just add to a pan. They can be added to any meal to top it off and cook in seconds. BUT they delivery a BIG stack of vitamins and minerals.  

Or buy pre washed and ready to go veg, pop in the steamer for a few minutes.   I also bulk coach veg some days. I love a BIG pan of Mediterranean veggies maybe with topped with some extra mozzarella. That can be kept in the fridge for a few days and just heated up to go with dishes.    

3) Order Yummy and Quality Food in Bulk

I have a monthly delivery of meat(!) from Muscle Food with some of the great offers they have. Last month I got £155 worth of meat for £55. And the quality is amazing. It all gets frozen in portions and I just take it out the day before, leave to defrost and BOOM ready to go.   Websites I’ve used before, great for cost AND quality.  

4) Batch cook some BIG food  

Grab some tupperwares and have them handy, you will become a Tupperware queen when you start to bulk cook.

 Whenever I cook I always try to bulk cook. For example I’ll cook all my sweet potatoes, more rice or quinoa than I need so I have it there and ready to add to meals.   I use Sunday as my food prep day, but again I want to relax so I don’t spend the whole day cooking. For example if I make a roast I’ll cook 2 chickens, one I’ll eat that day as a roast and the following day. The other will go into a thai green curry a few days later.  

^^^^ Oh and Sam gets the bits I don’t want.  

5) Get the slow cooker revved up and on  

My slow cooker is always on. It’s a great way to save time and bulk cook. You can add all the ingredients that morning and come home to a lovely ready to eat meal.   My favorite things in the slow cooker:

  • Whole roast chicken – Add a whole chicken, a little pink salt to crisp the skin, add lemon to taste and insert into the cavity for extra flavor (!). Leave for a few hours.
  • Bolognese or chilli – Using lean mince or turkey, onions, chopped tomatoes, lots of veg to bulk it up and leave to simmer for 2-3 hours.
  • Beef casserole – Add lean diced beef

^^^ For extra flavor any if the above can be pre browned and sealed off before hand.     A little more help Here’s some more help for you lovelies. Given to our lovely new team members when they start with us. BUT given to you as a BIG thank you for  



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