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Are you ready to ditch the yo-yo dieting? Are you ready to stop chasing a number on the scales to be happy? And ALWAYS being so busy loving everyone else and feel lost with who YOU are?

And instead FINALLY get HAPPY with you by learning WHO you area and WHAT you want? I’m here and excited to help you!

But First Does Any of This Sound Like You?

  • Do you feel like life is a constant RUSH? And the to do list NEVER ends?
  • You just feel like you’re on a daily hamster wheel. And daren’t EVER stop. For fear of everything falling apart without you.
  • Yet you wake each day BONE tired and stressed at the amount you have to get through. And each day passes in a haze of rush and stress.
  • It’s NOT how you thought your life would be. DEFINITELY now how you want it to BE. You’re feeling lost and confused. There’s NEVER any energy or time left for you.
  • You don’t like what you see in the mirror and hide away under baggy clothes, getting dressed in the dark and flinching away when your partner touches you.
  • You feel LOST and like you don’t know who you are, you used to be so happy and carefree.
If this does sound like you, then it’s time to get to know WHO you are and WHAT you want.

When you start to trust and love yourself and look for your own answers, your life can change overnight.  And you will stop chasing the NEXT thing that you think will make you happy.

But here’s my BIG secret many coaches don’t always share… The TRUTH is you’re NOT broken and you don’t need FIXING or MENDING.

There is nothing WRONG with you. READ THAT AGAIN.

There is nothing WRONG with you, truly there isn’t.

You have ALL the answers that you need within YOU, you just need some help getting to find those answers and then having the belief to trust yourself.

^^^ I’m here and ready to help you do just that, it’s my MAGIC!

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You won’t make a lasting change to be happy unless you do this ONE THING.

It might be something you find hard but asking for some love, help and support to KNOW, LOVE AND BE YOU.

The TRUTH is you won’t find those answers on your own, I know because I tried and failed. I’ve spent 38 years of my life living for others and never feeling truly happy with my life and body.

Then I asked for HELP, because there’s nothing worse than knowing that you need to make a change BUT not knowing where to start or what to do.

When I asked for help my life started to change. And I started making small changes that had a HUGE impact on my life.

To where I am now.  To the happiest and healthiest I’ve been at 39, travelling the world leading the StrongHer You Revolution, my dream business and living in a beautiful house by the sea with my loved ones nearby.

And that’s my MAGIC. And I’m so excited to share it with the world.

Do you think it has to be hard and a struggle? Diets that deprive you from eating the things you love that you can’t wait to stop. Or how about those crazy gym routines that you have to force yourself to keep going AND push so hard you can’t wait to stop your “transformation.”

I’ve spoken to so many women who constantly PUSH and STRUGGLE to be happy with themselves in their own skin

I know how to help you be happy in your life and confident in your own skin because I’ve done it myself and proudly for over 500 amazing women across the world.

I’ve used my 39 years’ life experience, 4 years of coaching more than 500 women worldwide to be happy and healthy, £30k invested to learn from the world’s best coaches AND my neuroscience approach to change, Noggin Knowledge to create the StrongHer Revolution.
I know exactly how to guide ladies like you to find your own answers, how to understand your brain, how to eat food that you love and how to move more in your life. And how to make this your lifestyle by creating habits and routines that become part of your life FOREVER.
And how to create habits and routines that become part of your life FOREVER. These are the same nurturing ways that I used to finally accept and love ME.
Plus I know the common pitfalls to avoid so you can be happier and more confident in your own skin EVERYDAY. Minus the crash diets, judging yourself on the scales, crazy training and hating on yourself when you go off “track”.
We’ll not only lay to rest your biggest challenge in your life that affects you everyday, but we’ll help you create better relationships with your loved ones. But above all learn to KNOW, LOVE and BE YOU. Simples really.

Want to ditch the diets and boring training forever to be finally happy? Here’s your first step to TRULY getting to KNOW and LOVE you. And finally accept who you are.

Success Stories

“Here is a photo of me with no makeup on, bare and natural because this group has made me realise we can’t see beauty sometimes for the clutter in our mind. Before StrongHer there would be no way on earth I would have shared a picture of me without makeup on. I used to hate my photo being taken, now I am grateful for the reminder of these snap shots in time and proud of how far I have come and excited about where I can go now!”

Natashya, Business Owner and Mum of 1

StrongHer Response: WOW thank you Natashya, a beautiful lady inside and out excited to see where you go next and thank you for courageously sharing YOU.

“OK I’ve never done this before – but I decided to share a photo of me as I am. Not retaken 100 times to get the angle right, not hidden behind something, not only in full make up. I had about 5 hours sleep last night, I’m 55 in 7 weeks and like so many women I still have hang ups about how I look. But thanks to this programme I am coming to accept who I am and the stories my body and wrinkles tell. I am going to a university reunion this week. I was dreading it until this week as I’m much heavier than I was at university 30 years ago! I have realised that I’ve been hiding all my vulnerability and feelings. This hiding of my self was something I used to do in corporate life and I thought I’d got over it – I hadn’t, but thanks to this programme, I’m starting to. So this photo is me, out running in the beautiful Scottish Highlands, with my dogs.”

Jo, Business Owner, Mum of 1 and 3 Dogs

StrongHer Response: Thank you Jo we’re so excited what more AWESOMENESS you bring to the world and your clients next and we think you look BEAUTIFUL.

“I have been lucky enough to take part in Nicola’s online programme.  I applied for it as I was, at that time, making some big decisions over my career, buying a new house and possibly relocating. I have to say, my expectations I had for the program were blown out of the water.  On the whole I am a positive person and I am generally pretty happy with life so I wasn’t sure if I would benefit greatly from some of the programme.  However I really did. Nicola is extremely supportive during the whole process.  She made me feel relaxed about completing everything at my own pace.  So I would recommend this program to anyone who feels like they can benefit from some time focusing on you.  It doesn’t take an enormous amount of time out of your day, if you don’t want it too, but it can have a really significant impact on your thoughts and feelings and ultimately the way you live your life. Thanks nic, it was amazing!!”

Sarah, proud cat owner and yogi

StrongHer Response: Thank you so much lovely I believe come into your life when you need then and so glad we could help you with these big decisions. We LOVE you stay cool.